Why India ??

Why India ??


Why Himalaya ?


why Desert of Rajastan ?


why Daccan Plate?


Why the islands…?


Why the Volcano ?


why the big big Rivers ?


why the Oceans ?


why Simla & Kashmir ?


why two monsoons ?


why so many religions?


Why so many languages ?


why so many god ?


Why Geeta, Kuran ?


why ramayan, mahabharat ?



why four Vedas ?


why so much sex?


Why so many human population ?


Why so many dogs population ?


why the women are very attractive ?


Why Sarees for our Women ?


Why a women look good in Sarees ?


Why Lovers like Mira  ?


Why husband like Ram ?


Why Wife like Savitri ?


why spirits prefer to born here ?


Why Singer Lata Mangeskar ?


Why poet  Rabindranath Tagore ?


Why Father of millennium Mahatama Gandhi ?


Why famous cricketer Sachin ?


Why Actor Amitabh Bacchan ?


Why Business Men Tata, Ambani ?


Why richest person Ambani, Mittal ?


Why so much poverty ?


Why So much corruption ?


Why so much crime ?


Why So many crime against women ?


Why Sati Pratha , Bal Vivah ?


why it used to known as sone ki chidiya ?


why so many people attacked on it ?

Now find, exemplary people which no where else could be found, why they were from India, coz we have lots and lots of exemplary things seen few above….which make our country a better place for spirits to take birth, may be coz of that we have lots and lots of population, its not only human, its also other species like dog, fish,snake, birds etc..etc.. …………and at the same time we also found few negatives, but these negatives is growing more and more in our country….Now again, that another truth that good things are like by negatives people or things…and if you think there r some truths on my words, then do something good for others, do something good for nation..and rest you know…

Charulata to Susanna: the changing face of women

Treading on the path of modernization, breaking new grounds in each sector of life, emerging out successfully as winners against the perennial chauvinist male society, bestowing womanhood with an entirely different approach from what it had been throughout the past centuries, here we welcome the twenty first century woman maneuvering her way to glory.

Sharing an equal status with men, ‘today’s woman’ has surpassed the image of a dutiful daughter to a caring wife, an ambitious businesswoman to a loving mother. Embodied with compassion and endurance, rebel and rationality, the fairer sex has shown the potential of being the unique creation of the almighty, and still going strong.


From politics to entertainment, from sports to entrepreneurship these women show no lack of grit and grace. The depiction of women from Ray’s ‘Charulata’ to Bhardwaj’s ‘Susanna’, we can clearly witness the leap the society has taken on their perspective of women.


The strong-willed girl is matured now, yet filled with fun, facing the uncertainties with conviction yet weeping their heart out with each petty quarrel with their boyfriends. Juxtaposing of professional qualification and excellent homemaking skills, is something only a lady can display, all the guys out there, you seriously get a backseat.


Adaptability with situations, whether that is adjusting in the new family once they are married off, is something that adds another feather to their hat.


However, a sheer show of societal unjust, women still are considered to be the weaker counterpart, yet they are the ones endowed with child-bearing capacity, which a man not even in his wildest dreams can imagine.


On the occasion of Women’s Day, we hereby salute all those mighty souls who contributed to this reformed image of a woman, from a weakling, a dependent figure, a mere sex-object, to their portrayal as the meticulous balance of vogue and vigor. Pride, persistence, power and prowess defines the traits of the modern woman that compels a man to say out loud, “that’s my girl…”!


“She can kill with a smile, she can wound with her eyes…She’s frequently kind and she’s suddenly cruel…She hides like a child, but she’s always a woman to me…” Billy Joel definitely knew what it takes to encompass all the virtues within a single soul.


A perfect blend of “sugar, spice and everything nice…” (read power puff girls), matching her steps with the rest of the world, establishing feminism as a dominant genre in the existing society, truly, woman you still have a long way to go.!!!


This article is taken from— http://wonderwoman.intoday.in/wonderwoman/story/89396/Work+wise/charulata-to-susanna-the-changing-face-of-women.html —!!!