Ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar !!!

We  all heard this phrase, !! Ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar !!. And now you are wondering, we all hear this, then what i am going to write by relating it.  Yes, my friends, i will first start with its meaning……..Why ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar ? Why ? coz…the answer is, what we have with us, after sometime, we get bore of it, coz everyday having the same thing, who will like ? no one…..and we tend to, have something else out… matter, how good the murgi (chicken) is in your home, you still think of tasting  al (Pulses) outside…….

In a similar way, when a boy and girl is not married….they r just lover or trying to get each other……until they get them completly, could be emotionally, physically…they would try to get like crazy freak………and once they get each other completely ( often after marriage, ur partner is with you 24/7) ur interest goes down on her/him… your brain start working toward self esteem need……..means you have this, now get something else…….its very natural, that’s why even if, you r married to someone, still you get attracted to others and thinking of having Sex (which is the most likely thing for any man or woman), and its very natural too……..

But there come, our culture, our commitment towards your partner, obligations etc. and very few strong willed woman/man can control themselves from stepping out of their marriages life…….And this can be possible, if you find your partner with similar thoughts and is completely committed to you, then only you can think of not hurting or breaking the trust of your partner…As circumstances might come, where a strong willed married man also get attracted towards  some hot/sexy/innocent women and its natural also, and in a similar way, a strong willed married women also can get attract towards an handsum/hot/magnetic personality man……..and its very natural also,…..but they can only stop themselves, if your faith, trust, love on your partner is strong….they would soon realize and will come back to you….

You know friends, Sex is very natural, some r wild and open minded, they have it like having food daily, and with anyone… way they enjoying sex life  to the fullest, which no one else can enjoy…..but in other side of life, they themselves create lots and lost of problems for them…and i am not going to say much about them here…..I am going to tell about the innocent ones, or i would say homely (gharelu) girls, just need one man who would love her emotionally, physically, in all the way….but again they do have lots of desires for Sex (naturally)…

I will give you an example from hindii Movie,”RockStar”  in which the heroin was decent, and was totaly a gharelu girl, but again she wanted to See porn movies ( Jangli Jawani) , she wanted to do Pole Dance (women dances naked)… in very nice way, it was shown in the movie, the desires within us………..So Sex, is something, very natural and is common need for everyone……..

Now again, we had seen lots of examples above that Sex is common need for everyone, then why shouldn’t we get stick to one man or woman husband or wife.???? why should we become patiwrata or patniwrata ?????………Then d answer is, as the way,” Ghar Ki Murgi,’ Dal barabar” …..for sometime, you might liking having relation with the other person, and after that when you would spend time (could be an year or two also or more) you would loose interest in them also, and you would think of someone else…..( our self esteem need) and the process will go on, and if you go on switching your partners, you would be creating problems for yourselves…….as you might had heard another phrase,” Jaisi Karni, Waisi Bharni “…..

So, my friends, just be loyal to your partners, coz they r the one who would hold your hand in your bad days too, all other will be with you in your good days only…..In fact, when your days, r good, you might think of stepping out of your marriage life and enjoy sex etc. its just the matter of 1/2 an hour to 2-3 hours…who would know….enjoy it,,,,,but….but…but my friend, when your days r bad, when you really need someone to hold your hand and strength you, it will be none other than your partner…..and the moment they hold, it gives you lots of strength to fight with the world…….

In fact for a man, the moment of ejaculation is the best moment, which relax them, which stabilize them… no matter, how you r doing it….whether you r masturbating or having sex with any simple girl or whether having sex with a extremely hot sexy woman….the best moment is the moment of Ejaculation and nothing else… all things r just brain games… no matter with how many women you r  having sex. the best moment is that……So why stepping out of marriage, there is many more things….for everything there is a biological cycle…taking birth, childhood, marriage life, wife, children, mom,dad everyone….for everyone you have some amount of obligations ……….complete them, and see the changes within you…..some day, you- yourselves will conclude your  life and believe  me, you will be feeling amazing !!!

Ek Aur Mahabharat

Couple of days back, a guy was walking on the road near Lokhandwala sports club, and slowly-slowly he could feel / sense certain things…….

“Ek aur mahbhrat ” ……

the story begin as….all of us heard about Mahabhrat… a story, where Krishna & Arjun…, wellness of people etc…….

In the war of Mahabharat,  Krishna and Arjun is in one side  fought for truth and in the other side…..a huge group of corrupted people…


finally the positive powers, energies, people Krish and Arjun’s side won the war…


In a similar way, someone honest,intelligent,educated, powerfull person need to sit on the emporer’s chair…..we can better say it “”Ram Raj”” with all modern technology and equipments adopted….to rule the nation properly, and help it develop properly…


Once the right person on top, and implements the rules….which will not entertain corruption, no over possession of property, no theft, no rape, no religious war, no other riots.etc..


But, my friend, to do the above, it won’t be easy….


Let me tell you an exaple….

U might had watched God, and demon…..demon first rule…..make life misrable for good people………and later god come and fight with the demon and kill him/her and make the people’s life lively….

Now, who were those god and who were those demon ???? who saw them ????? In different Yugs like…””” Satyug, Tretayug, Kalyug….. they existed, but in different ways…….


Here the important, thing I would like to tell you,……..All good things are God or angel or hero and bad things are demon……..

So in terms of human being, person with good nature is more of God and with bad nature is demon…. So god and demon is nowhere else, it inside you….many times you might had told to others while fighting with someone..mere andar ke janwar or daitya ko jaga mat..but u never realized when other were talking about god and demon.


After these many examples, can you visualize the demons and god in and around u daily…???? …u never ever could think of who are they, who are u ?? u just watched the serials, movies, read the stories…..but was not realized, who they are..?????

Yes,  you are absolutely correct,

in these century, they are all corrupted people :- corrupted govt. employees, politicians, smuglers,convicts etc….who made others life misrable….

U might heard, the sentence that One decessed fish in the pond, make the life misrable for other fishes in the pond……but here the number is dramatically high…almost every 3rd person, is correpted here…

So as above, a right person ( say it king) or group of right people, need to fight againts them….and finish them…let them get, what they are suppose to…..

remember they are going to finght till their last breath..or at last the cowards may surrender…..

But my friend, we have to fight, till we finish them completely….Once they are finished, then start “” Ram Raj in modern ways””  for 10-15 years at least..or continue….after that also….learn good things from other developed nations, Uropean countries etc….and implement them, to make our nation developed, to give a better life to our people..


Note ::– Why I mentioned “” Ram Raj””  to give a better name for “”King Ruling”” kind of things…….. One right and eligible person’s decesion…..or a group of similar minded people decesion, can be more easily implimented and executed…..

We have All Parliamnet, Supreme Court…falana…dhakan……. Often we proudly say that, we have one of the best politics in the world…

But, the truth is no, over a period of 60 years also, we could not realised the N-Number of limitations of these kind of system….

It’s very obvious that, when something, need to pass from more no. of people or stages, then its going to take more time….again, in every stage, evryone with different opinions, will create confusion only, nothing else..and when the no. of people are more in the system, more the chances to have someone, who is frud, corrupted….so definitely, there is a huge problem you have created, with these kind of systems…….

Couple of days back, i was doing some studies on amercain political systems…

I came to know about there system ((( i was feeling like crying, how our people(politicians,govt employees, smuglers), cheated us)))  …….. they are having such a nice country, with all govt. policies..which really healped their people a lot..

there d govt. provide :

1)) unemployment benifits….for people who are unimployed…..

2)) Child benifit….to take care of child, who may suffer, due to divorce of his/her parent…..

3))) govt. provide loans for people to buy home for them and also help them to retain them…by implementing various rules……… and for investors, who has homes…and taken loan for investment or profit purpose…..they less entertained…..

4))) when  recession hit, the govt. ran policy to help people keep their properties with them….

this is what their govt. is, who think of their people and nation…………

and in contrast……..

if you take exapmples of our govt…………..U would say, shame or embarassing….why is this ??????


Yes, we have reached the conclusive part, that we need “Ek Aur Mahabhrat”, to fight against bad and bring good  for society, nation, world.


Now, u may think, how will it be possible..?..wait, as of now, got the idea…. what we are suppose to do, and at times we will get the way too, that how to proceed with….. and belive me, some day, someone else, will write a whole book, based on this one page Article….

oh i mean, we will win the war for good against bad !!**::**!!

Journey Inside !!!

We all r on the same way, to know our inner world or the outer world…The day, will come to know, or will become a witness for that, would definitely share with all other..

About, reading any book like geeta, patanjali or any other book, to get answers for those questions, is really nothing to do with one’s own inner or outer world..coz we just can get some guidance, how to follow or proceed with those things, as MAY (((( please note it, i wrote may be, not sure..may be he realized or may be he told something, and people understood something, and they followed that blindly))) be the person who wrote this, might had realized, on the basis of his/her own inner body/world or outer circumstances… not required that, ur body systems are same, and if you follow those guidelines you will get the same…..Try to understand me,… that every individual is unique, that’s why, none of the fingerprints of any person matched with any other person, till date……….

Yes, now I want to tell…there is no hard and fast rule for anything, one thing can be done in many ways…. if you want to travel, u can go by walk, or by bus or train or any four wheeler or by flight or any other medium…..similarly, when we travel towards our inner world or from inner world to outer world in terms of spirituality, there could be n-number of ways… and may be the state, they had reached while doing Yoga, some of us, we often reach there, but we don’t know exactly, that this is the thing, which they were talking about…and many times it happen, we listen to others, we think, if someone is speaking loudly, then they are true, and if we are not saying anything, then its nothing….the person who is shouting, they are true..etc…etc….

MAY be, we have been told by various people about spirituality, so entire life we are finding them, we want to get MOKSH…We don’t want to get rebirth…so many things, happen in our life, due to lack of knowledge or less of information, we are afraid of them… that way, we forget to live our present life, we do so many sacrifices etc..going for heaven otherwise u will reach Hell……Why ??? MAY be there is nothing like that, which we common people assume of, after listing to such stories about spiritual thing etc…

Now, Yes, The Literal meaning of Yoga is to Join/connect two things…and in general there are so many Mudras for various Yoga, to join/connect yourself with some specific things……and ultimately you get the results….

But…But…But, The Ultimate Yoga,” u all discussed above i.e knowing your inner-self, connecting to that ultimate thing, after that, there is nothing, or that is everything…… not just play of child, so not everyone can tell about this, and not even we should believe or listen to others…..””Will Power”” and faith in yourself is absolute requirement for everything…… And do your work normally, whatever you like, do that from your heart….May be some mystery can happen there itself, and you get all those things, which you were finding somewhere else…provided it should be based on Love, Faith, truth etc………….YOG ((((( join or connect )))) yourself with everything from your heart, and you never know, someday, somewhere some Miracal happen, and you get all the answers, you were looking for…….. coz as per my studies, my perceptions, my observations….those things, can happen instantly, mysteriously, any time any where…… and I understood that, that’s why totally relaxed, enjoying every day, and hoping, if there is anything like that, which are meant for me, definitely, one day I will be Rubaru (in hindi ) some day with them……. So prior to that day, I am not in a position to tell anything about them…

In hindi…..””Daksha” bano, khud karo, khud dekho….tab viswash karo, doosro ki baton pe nahi…bas baat to bas itni hin hein…….and in english, do things your own, execute them your own, learn them and them trust the result, don’t just read any book and believe that blindly…..and since there was some logic, I adopted, that in my life, rest depend from person to person….you find there is any logic, you can follow otherwise your welcome to follow what were doing…

Don’t think of being perfect…… be a real man, accept the reality, with love,faith and truth….and see how the life changes…Don’t think of being any sage, don’t think of sacrifice everything to get Punya to enter into the heaven, Don’t think, Sex is Pap, so take Brahmcharitwa etc…… Go through all phase of life, observe the changes happening in you, internally, externally…..Don’t think, what society will think of you, what others will think of you, if they come to know, you are doing certain things, as society never feed you bread and butter they never help you, when you are in need…..then why do you think of them, while doing something good…..?????

Discussion can go on, but I think, I have given, enough of examples, that either it can mold, one’s life…or else they can follow, what they have been !!!