A Short Bio of a Man…

It is said that, each book is made of number of pages.. so adding another page to Common Man…A Short Bio of a Man……   Birth Details :– Born on 4th October,1986 between 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM (evening time, parents r not sure about exact time) in   Vivekananda-pur, Little Andaman ! It was Doorga Pooja, or it is said that, sages pray to call Goddess Durga, to come to earth ( in Bengali, while Chandi-Paathh) ! So from my childhood worship her most !   Family Details:– Well my Dad- He is now Agriculture Inspector, very cool person. Mom- she is home maker-these days spent most of d time in worshiping all 33 crores god/godess of hindu, very Religious. Well I have two elder sister, and one elder brother. My eldest sister, she had a tough life, she could not clear her matric trice, and then she started taking care of others in d family. Then after around 8-10 years, she got married, she has a Kid of 6 years now, unfortunately she lost her husband this june,28th,2011, he had lever problem due to excess intake of alcohol. My Elder Siter, she has completed M.Phill Political Science, professionally a teacher now, yet to get married now, and my parent are looking for a Groom for her, she is scared of alchoholic people, as already one incident happend in our family. My Elder Bro- after his graduation in Economics, he joined IRB ( Indian Reserve Batalian), he got married to his college lover 2.3 years back, well sister in law is very co-operative, she love her hubby very much. I am d youngest child of my parents, when I was just 6 month old, dad was trasferred to a place name as Panchawati, Middle Anadaman, there I spent 9 years of my child-hood. Then again we were transferred to Govindapur,Middle Andaman, there we were for 3 years. Then we transferred to Nabagram,Diglipur, North Andaman, there we have our house.   Secrets of name :– About my name which is ” ** (Not included here) ” is still not cleared about it as my parents say, earlier “Not included here” was my elder brother name, who is 3.5 years elder than me. They say, when I was in my mother’s womb, that time my Grand Father he was in Kolkata, and he suggested the name ” **” for me, by writing a letter to my parents. And on the other side one of my Auncle ( Mother’s brother) who was in “Bhuvaneswar” doing his B.Ed, he suggested “Somen” for my brother’s name by writing letter to my parents ; So eventually, my parents listened to both of them, They registered my name as “Not included here” and brother’s name as “**”…I don’t know, what truth was behind for my name to be “**” , as from my child-hood used to like “Kishore Kumar” song most, almost every song( meaning,voice,tone everything), may be as my name is also ” **”. Also observed that, got a gifted voice quality, can sing many singers songs in their voice- like- Kishore Kumar,Kumar Shanu, Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet and many more. Again, when I was very young, sometime some uncle when they used to ask my name, i used to say, “** October , people still think I am much younger than my age, they think i may be between 18-21, that again take me to my “**” . May be this is because, I don’t entertain/take Alcohols, Smoking, Sex with girls— which bring maturity on face in general.   Education :– 1st – 3rd std. Panchawati School, 4th-6th Govindapur School, 7th-10th Kalighat School- on 10th standard taken a challenge to proove tutions are not essential,worked very hard without any tutions in fact, studing 15-16 hours in a day, 11th – 12th Diglipur School- joined Science- again woked very hard, without any tutions, used to study, 15-18 hours in a day, however due to less of guidence from teachers could not do very well. Was almost broken, we have seats reserved for MBBS, BE,B Tech etc. to study in some of the colleges in kerala,mumbai,gujrat,kolkata,pune, and few other city. They delayed for seat allotment, and Dad admitted me to Polytechnic, Port Blair as they were little bit scared of ragging etc. as I was very innocent in those days. I was further broken, as never ever expected of joining Polytechnic- anyways, I joined “Electronis & Telecommunications Engineering” as I was sure, that I had to come out of Andaman for my currier. I balanced my self, joined BBA ( Bachelor in Business Administration), as I wanted to do MBA after my gradutation, so why to waste time to go for BE or B Tech after Diploma, rather go for BBA parallaly and this way I can be graduate in d same year, when I could complete my BE or B Tech if I would have had gone for them directly after 12th. I thought, that once I join MBA in any of IIMs among the six IIM colleges in India. I bought a reference book for CAT enterence test. while doing polytechinic. Then When I Completed my “Electronics & Telecom engineering”  I moved  to Bangalore, as I thought to join CAT enterence coaching, and also do any job parallally. And unfortunately that year, all the IIMs increased their fees, which I realised was not affordable to my parents, as my elder sister and brother was yet to get married. I dropped my plan to join MBA.   Experience:– Had worked with Infosys Bangalore for 1.3 years, later moved to Mumbai, Diamond Export Company for 1.2 years. Finally started with own company, its been an year now, have been doing lots and lots of research, now things are clear, why I wanted to go for MBA or management, as had managing abilities form begening, and sub-conciously knew that, when I was doing BBA in correspondence, I used to read the books to polish my words, moreover I used to think like, if I am a manager for this situation, what i could do, and this way used to do “Case study”  used to write also in that way only. In fact when I joined Infosys,  the manager who selected me, when i met her for the first time later, I told her, you did for me this time, later in future if I can be of any assistance for you I will be glad to do, I told her, I am not talking about this level, coz i knew that something good defineitely I will do for me.  So now the things are more clear, books are just for guidence, to make simpler any situation, on basis of logic,science etc. but its not just hard and fast rule that, you will have to go exactly d way book say, even if you know something, if u have expiereince, u explored something, u also can write a book on what u read earlier. And that I did while doing BBA, then now my project “My company( name not included here)  ” . In fact in 3 idiots movie also, they have told very good things, don’t just stick to books, explore things, learn them, make urself perfect. They said get excellincy and succes will follow u.   Affairs:- Was close to girls from 9th-10th standard, anyways had my first “chush”  when I was in 11th std.  I had philoshophy in life that Love should Happend on its own, its not like someone is proposing me, i say yes, for sometime say I am engaged or in a relation & later u say break-up, look for next…..SO i had not said yes to any of proposals for friendship,love, etc..what I wanted, wait, b a friend first, know me, then if we find each others compatible in terms of Understanding, thoughts etc. we can take it further….some thought I refused them, some waited for sometime then moved away thinking I refused them……and many more stories………co-incidenly I found a good friend in the school, who I thought understnd me; she was in 12th standard that time, she was my senior. Soon we became good friend, and later she told me that she had a boyfriend, whic is away from her that time, due to their parents restrictions, but they still wait for each other, I liked her honesty, as there were girls, who left their boyfriend in order to come close to me, and she was d one who knew we were very close, still she think about her past realation…we maintained our friendship ..later I tried balancing me.and I did, as I never had an attitude to get anyone forefully, rather get anyone though heart… …(it was not easy for me), as it was my first crush ( I call), and was just “Teen Age- 16-17 th only”———Well d story was not as simple as u read, it had lots of emotions, patience, pains , story run up and down, sometime u could feel like there were nothing, and sometime u could feel like there were everything;;;;but I am stopping it here only. Then D next girl come in my life, when I was in Poly fist year, I thought that any other girl would come in my life, but I never thought that girls r bound to come in my life, and I just can not refuse them…..this time again she was my senior, was beatiful, cute, I became friends, and I just supported her to maintain our friendship to help her feelings, later again come to know that she also had a boyfriend, I told her, good that u have boyfriend, maintain ur relation…..she was in my life for a very short perion, not even six months…… Now I was in 2nd year, I thought, now no more girls in my life, I can concentrate on my studies, and see d co-incidents, one of my lecturer who is almost double of my age, came in my life (co-incidently, otherwise generally I don;t entertain, as I belive things to happen naturally)…she started liking my smile, as many other women..when i realized that, I used to smile for her, even if i was sad in any day, when she used to come to class, i used to smile, so that she could see me smiling, and can be happy, I used to think, after 2 years, i will leave college, someone else will come in my life as soon as i will go to any community…as gilrs r bound to come—I maintained such realation, which was teacher student for others in d class, and in between when she used to look into my eyes, i used to look at her in such a way, so that, two lovers are seeing each other….but hardly we had to do it for 5-15/20 seconds….those were also a monent that i had given to her, i never lost my balance or let her lost her balance, as she was marrried, had two kids, so no ways could think of breaking that….again in college she was a senior lecturer——I knew that its not her mistake, its d mangnetic personality which attracted her towards me as other women—-so nver wanted a rumor for her in d college, as she maintined herself in that way, none of d batches saw her smiling that much, as my bath saw—she was just like a laughing doll—-she might had forgot her age, she was living her life, hopefully to d fullest —-thats the power of love—I knew that in future hopefully would do something well—that time she can remember those moment of love—moments of emotions— feelings—realizations etc. and she will hold on to them for her life, she will not say, i was wrong, she would say–yap he was right, she would think whosever come to his life , god must keep him happy,and there is my win——–Again d strory was not simple, lots of here and there, my balancing between feelings, her life,my honesty for my life partner—- As my phyloshophy in life is that, I am expecting some vrigin to come in my life, suppose if she is virgin, then why she she virgin, even she may has thought, I am virgin, even my hushband should be virgin, so not for me, i need to balance myself for her—–So it was not easy between balancing feelings and thought boths.   Games:- I was crazzy about criket, i used to be very good fast bowler, again god gifted bowling—i could do bowl like any of d bowlwer I wanted to bwol like, was very popular for bowling, in batting also was technically good, but bowling was far better than batting, about feilding, was not very good feilder, but not even very bad also. I left criket, when i was in 10th standard, due to my studies, and after that also could not coz of studies, then job etc.  but now also if i will play for sometime then agaib bols will be on proper line and length. Apart from Criket I play chess also.   Passion:- Well am Passionate about Acting,singing,Dancing. I got a gifted voice by birth,my mom used to scold me not for wearing fitting t-shirts, jeans singing romantic songs, as she was scared, if any girl come to my life, and can spoil my studies by falling in love coz i was just in 8th-9th standard that time, she used to suggest me to sing, petriotic songs or devotional songs—i used to tell her mo for everything there is a right place, suppose i am in a temple, the i should sing devotinal song, in school both deveotional and petriotic can be sing, but in orchestra, or any occasion when everbody would like to listen romantic songs, that time if u sing other song they will not enetrtain u—-in-spite of these explaination could not make her understand, as she was very religious—but songs were with me everywhere,everytime—-they have beed d best friend for me, they have beed d best guide for me, I learnt a lot from them—they taught a lot to me !!—– won awards in colleges for singing. About acting, never thought when I was in adaman, but I performed well in a skit when i was in 5th standard,then in polytechinc first year—-in d second year, I joined Karaten classess to enhance my skills, also to bring felxiblity to my body—-may be my sub-consious mind was taking me towards acting—-in d final year, last semester, I got am offer to act in Theatre play as a lead Organised by Doordarshan, I did, and was appreciated by majority of the audience—Later moved to bangalore, there was enjaged with job, so nothing realated to Creative/Art Field. Then decided to Move to Mumbai,  About Dance, yes enjoyed a lot, when used to dance earlier, but here when joiined dance classes came to know many more thins—

  Phyloshophy for my wife/life partner :- Well it is said that, god has made man and woman in such a way, that both are in-complete without each other….and on Completeness, there r secrets reveled of life………and even my feelings are same, feel so incomplete without her. Just wanted if she was in my life when I am trying Dam hard to proove myself to the world, to create something good to the world, By just holding her hand I could take any challenges for doing something good, she could become my strength,inspirations,motivation etc., and together we could cover the miles easily. Well I have no Age/Religion/cast/language/region bar– she could be of my age, 10-20 years younger or elder than me, she could belong to any religion, region, language—–I have absolutely no problem with that, as far as we both realize that we UNDERSTNAD each other and can spend d life together happily. About my parents- ya, they expect any Bengali, Hindu girl to be my life partner, who will teach our kids to Bengali traditions and values, who will respect them and most importantly she should love me lot, she should stand by me for ever, if they know their child is happy with her, they don’t need anything else, thats my parent, in fact I would call them one of cool parents in the world. Even couple of months back I have also told to my Dad on phone, when somone brought their daughter proposal for me to my parents, I answered my dad,” Dad, I don’t know who she is,where she is, how she is, she will be rich or poor don’t know, but if I accept her, she will be second half of my soul…about religion, even from my childhood, I wanted some Bengali Girl should come in my life; who will teach bengali to our kids; but– but–but if i accept any non-bengali girl, then u must understand that she has something (could be spirituality/ abondening of love/honesty for her husband ) in her, that’s why i accepted her!! The answer was logical, they could understand it. One more thing would like to add that I belive ” Relation become strong, if everyone accpted it”” in hindi,”Risteh wahan Majboot hotein hein; jahan sabkin manjoorin hotin hein””” so I love to be a Perfect Man for their girl/daughter/sister/neighbour etc. and if they find me eligible for d same, they should not have any issue to accept me as their son, who would take care of their girl. —)()(

Reviews of Sea Biscuit : Movie.

The movie is about the adventure of horse….who had some physical problems..due to which he was lazy when he was very young….one day, a business man or sports man what u call them, who run their horses on race.. though the horse was lazy, but he bought him, brought him to his place..                                  Later he started training him for races, but the horse could not make it…he used to loose the game..after few months, the owner noticed, a person (the hero of the movie : spider man), whos behaviour was similar to the horse…                       The Owner, hired him as his horse rider….Yes, here the story began, the hero understood the physical problems of the horse, he used to love him….he used to talk to him….while practicising the race, he used to make him take the race at exact timimg and the horse started winning all the races..                 The Horse broke all the records..and made many new records…and for him,  the owner earned name,fame and money….and finallly  in the entire movie the most important words that he said for the horse, for which i wrote this article and wanted to share with you friends…..He said..                          “”” It was not we who had choosen him, it was he who had choosen us..”””                 A very short but very good morale from the movie wanted to share with you all that, never under-estimate anyone, a;ways find the good things, and belive me you will get good results..                 Second thing, with understanding, love, affection and hard work one can win anything….            Third thing, if your rider ((could be your parents, husband or wife, brothers or sisters, friends,lover)) is good….i mean the person who is responsible for you, then you can win anything….                Yes, here you are, get the right things, do the right things and belive me…u r the winner…u Will win…**@@!!