Sex :- Love or Fun or Rape : Difference only in involvence ??

Sex,Love(spirituality) & Rape…..all r same work, but d intention/desires of two people involved are different:-


1) In Love– man & woman is spiritually connected , they become one-another


2) In Sex– man & woman r enjoying each other’s body, satisfying each other’s body requirements, that’s also accpted, as both d people r intesionally involved….. but..but..but


3) In Rape—only d man is invloved, girl is not invloved, girl does not want that to happen…..but man wild intentions………….

and after that, tragedy Girl commit suicide, I say, Why ????…what’s her mistake in that,???

its d wild man, who is d culprit….???


Guidelines :-¬†Suppose, if anything like that happen, rather than crying…if d girl start lauging…probably d wild man will get scared, then if he leaves then its fine, if not, then also don’t cry..belive me wild man will get tired by having sex hardly in 20-30 minutes………… but girl will not get tired…coz girls sex power is much more than man…..b strong………. after d tragedy is over, take d culprit to d court,…………if nothing happen, then do u own justice, give him punsihment by your own by any medium, for his wild thing, that he had done with you and made ur life misrable….bastards, do what he deserve…….


After that, fight with d society, Live ur life…….and about Marriage,there r so many good guys in d world, and once they come to know about that, they would accept u, if not, then think they does not deserve a girl like you, live ur life, grow in ur currier, about having sex, for a girl, its very easy to attract any man towards her, So have sex, about baby, adopt a kid, or elase if you want to deliver your own child then get some sperm doner or any other ways, and give birth to your own child..


Yes, this things, will not be easy, in every step, u will find, respectful/traditional/religious people of society..i mean, people who’s work is to make others life misrable…so may be change your city/village as soon as possible…and then do the above said things..

Just think, someone from ur society came and made ur life misrable, then why do u think of Society, Parents, Traditions ..etc??? What had happened to you in the 20-30 minutes of Raped Sex and after that the misrable life of you, was that your mistake ???? But still none of the Socialized People came out to help you, or may those came, they could not do anything, coz…the police etc.. all were already paid for that……

then why ???? Woman Be strong?? You will have to help your self, nobody will help you…


I know it won’t be easy for you as the way it was told by me,….but friends, it is just a thought that came in my mind, and thought, this can help our woman, in a country like us, where every second day( say) someone is raped…. so may be if this thought is spread, then Man like us, who love their Girl-Friend, wife etc..Parents, who are worried about society, their marriages etc…they all can help the girl off their heart, their live her life back, which she really deserve…


If, this is true, then talk to this with your girl-friend or wife today itself, that suppose unfortunately anyting happen to you, then never think of commiting suicide…coz, if you r alive, then only I can breath otherwise not…The moment you tell her this, she get a life with a right Parter, True Love, life with ful of freedom…. And see how her love shower on u…her respect for you become more and more….and …and …and … friend try to spread the thought also, to as many, as u can, and ask others also to do the same,so that we can take it to more and more number of people and help saving more and more women life, who commit suicide from such traumas………………………………..