Transition- A story of a man !

Transitions:- A story of a Man, who had wittenessed of various changes in his life, and his learning from them..


When he close his eyes, and go back to his chilhood, he find himself, a boy growing between the arms of naturein a far away place of our country, which was once used to known as Kalapani, now the beautiful andaman islands.



As like billion others, he born in a middle class family. He was the youngest child of his parents, with 2 elder sisters, 1 elder brother,Dad doing a govt. job, and of course mom-home maker, was more into devotional things, like worshiping god for around 10-12 hours in a day.



With mom’s debotional narure, everybody in the family, got that devide things inside, oh i mean love, affection etc. And in the shade of dad- a really cool person.which every child feel love to have…With all many good things, they too had many ups and down in their life, from which he (I mean, about whom the story is being written).    From his childhood, he had a different type of positive energy, having fun, entertaining, loving others, and getting loved from others etc..Be different, do diferent, do something good before leaving the worl was the keyword of life. And that’s the thought, which brought him all the way from Andaman to the fast city Mumbai.He finished his education in the islands, then he moved out to one of the IT city bangalore. He started working there in one of the IT gian of our country. His life was setteled there,if we think from a common man’s life’s prospect. But he realized that, that was not the work he came to do here in this world.      He moved to the glamour city, Mumbai, doing something good into the film industry. And as like million others who get cheated by the cheaters here, because of the intrasperacy of the film/tv industry.    But he did not lost his hope, as the decesion he had taken was not easy, the time (Recession) billion and billions of people across the globe was afraid of saving their jobs, he left a jobfrom one of the IT giant of our country. He knew that life will not be as easy, as it seems to be, but he was ready to explore everything. And this was not an easy task for any common human beings.



He came to the city, and joined another job in an IT company which was very easy for him with a good salary. But that was not the work for which he moved to the city, when he did not hear from the people(fraud)who was invloved, when he moved to the city, he left that job too,..and jumped into media, to explored the things, he came to know the very boottom things. He realised the distance he need to cover.     He did a hindi music album too. And joined a job, for the time being, thinking that once the album is released, his life will come to the track, he wanted to go on. But unfortunately, the album was never released,he waited for couple of months, and in a way how days, became week, week became months and moths turned to year he couln’t realied the time. Was just doing his job, what any common man can do, and waiting for the good, thatthe album to be released. But as said, it never released. So it became around 2 years now, since he moved to the city. In fact he was waiting if any miracle that can happen, as he had Jupiters Cycle in his life for two years,   so thought, let me explore, what’s the miracle going to happen that, i will get jobs in media, as the things which he was trying for more than year, so when it doesn’t happen, what will happen, in that jupiter cycle.



He waited for an year and was trying to things from his side for an year, but things didn’t truned on. He realised no one else is going to do anything, he had to help himself, no fate, no god, totally himself, no one else. And once he establish him many will come behind him. He started thinking of starting a business, which is not a play of child in a city like mumbai.  He thought to leave his job, and do the business, so that he can earn well and can fiance for his own meadia project down the line. And fianlly he did, as he thought. But unfortunatly as said, it will not be play of child, to do anything here.It was a really tough work for him, to focus only on service, instead of just making profits.

And here another important tourning point in his life, he used to life in as paying guest with few others boys, trying into media. And one fine day, a punjabi guy came to my room as my roommate in that paying guest hostel. He is also those people,who had done lots and lots of experimets with their life, with the same dreams in his eyes, to do something good in the film industry.  I still remeber the 1st day, when he came to my life, we just itroduced ourselves, and was just talking to get to know each other better, but that turned a long conversation. 1st time in mumbai, i shared a lot of my personal stories, ups and down in life,tough times etc., even he did…and in that day, in between he answered/told few things, a person like me was in search for, reagarding god, thoughts, dream analysis and few sprital things. He might told those things to many people, but since there was an learning attitude with him, he learned those things……Great, he found someone good in strange city…..

And in one fine day, after lots of tensions in his life, business running slow, dream is getting late, family (parents) pressure to come back to islands etc. etc….he thought of sitting for meditations, and he did, and suddenly he got the answer that read the book ” Mein Mrituin Sikhata Hun, by Osho ” ….after meditation, i opened the book, which was kept from a long time, and started reading few pages, for a day and two he covered the 1st few lessions. And belive me friends, it was just awesome, the answers he was looking for…He realized that he will get many more answers, in that book, but he thought he will read the whole later, as thats going to take time, and he had to first look for his bread and butter. He started working for his business again with great enthusiam,and in a was around 5-6 months, he was going to his native, the Andaman Islands. So he was going by ship from chennai. And it was 3 days ship journey so he took the book to read, and he finished the book on the ship, below the sky, on the sea, between the air, which he called late THE NATURE or THE GOD…..after reading the book, he found many-many answers to his questions, which he percepted of in his life. He reached his home, he removed his pearl ring (gifted by a sage) from his finger, removed his 1 mukhi rudraksh, tabees (gifted by his mom) from his neck, tajar suraksha kawach (gifted by his sister)..and put them in the temple in his home….He thought, he will explore everything whatever going to happen after that, but the best thing nothing happened, he was as he was earlier. So what was the difference, those perl, rudraksh, najar suraksha kawach made in his life, NOTHING….so why he kept those things for these many days, because he was not knowing the truth of life…he was just following, what his parents tought him, thing these worshipping god is a good habit, so just maintain the good habits, whether anything good or bad doesn’t matter….

But now he got the answer, he still belive god, but instead of finding them on temple, he found him evrywhere, insteading to going to temple, in morning and evening, he did the worship everymoment, from any where, any time…just closed the eyes, and talked to them……he started liking his new adventours,he came back to mumbai, and his personal wooden temple, which he used to worship daily, he donated to his neighbour with the Bhagvat Geeta, he used to read a lession on every staurday, for last 12-13 years……he liked the life more…as he know now, that no stones, no rudraksh, no tabish with him, so whatever happen to himis just because of him, no body else is involved in that way……though there were many tough days, for business, used to mediate and got such answers, which a common man can never understand in his life…..fianally, he explored his business for an year, and thought, he need to have a fixed income too, as to establish his busineesit might take some long time…so with the job, in his life, he can live at least like a common man, doing 10-7 jobs, get married, have kids etc……so that, he can explore the others things al least which majority of the crown explored……he joined a night shift job, working for US MNS….so that during day, he can focus on business too..   When he joined his job, he wanted to just spend time with his GOD THE NATURE, as the kind of peace he used to get was just unbeliveable, instead of chit chatting with friends…but again, the amount of time, that he used to get was comparitively very small..then he thought of doing meditations, but he was not getting time….As after night shift, during day he was sleeping and evening again go to company…….so he wanted to just run out of the place, but he couldn’t, as he knew there r many responsiblities also…….it was over six months, since he did not sit for meditation etc……………

Here he get the idia, how a common man, go for 10-7 job, bussy in day to day activity doing worships blindly, invloved in day to day activity, can never get time to experiment with his/her life, and just stay away from those answers which one should know, and finally die in a very common way, for few days, his family will cry and then they will be bussy with their life…….

..He also realied that in good our good time we can not remember our god but at bad times we just run towards our god to get the piece…..because when i got job, i am happy in terms of, i get food, cloths, shelter easily, as end of the month u get salary, but we did not has job, running for each and every day for bread and butter, that time only i could do these experiments, i could move toward my god ……!!

Waon this is the theme/conclusion of transition……….The things he realized/ exploredin his life, he knows only, is just amazing……………..he is happy that he is doing good these days, he went to his native, did some seva to parents, wanted to serve his cool-cool dad, who was always with him, though he was thousands of miles away from him physically,, but he was a good friend of him, he used to share evrything with him…today he was feeling sense of relaxations, that finally he did somthing for his parents too…..Today like a common man, doing a job, he moved, much-much ahead and soon he would be able to take up his business too….once business is up, many more things would turn then………….!!!!!

Though there were not much fiancial gain, he realied the intelectual gain, in this transitional period, and he is thakful to his god, that he could realied all these, which rarely anyone realize, which takes one up, Today he was thakful to his god, that they put him to such circumstances where he could learn all thease, now he can do wonders in business,he can do fantastic work in film industry, he can do amaing things to many good things (which i will not discuss now), if he would had become an actor at the first instance itself, then probalbly he would had lots of name and fame just in meida, but these things, he could never understand because just like the same common man with 10-7 job, he would had become busssy with his acting works, he could neaver realie the need for them, and these things not be realied !!!!!!!!!

Sweat, Innocence & our Personality

Waon, when we talk about sweets, our tongue started wetting…


And when we talk about children, every child like sweets (hardly u may find any exceptions) …. and gradually when they start growing,  they prefer to drink alcohols, they do smoke etc..etc..that time if someone offer them sweets, they would say,” oh common am i a kid or what ??.. When they grow up, they would go to party, drink alcohols which is absolutely bitter in taste…. many may find it difficult to drink alcohols, due to its bitter taste….they then take it with side dishes, complements etc… finally they may end up vomiting, but u know what ? still they think, they have done something misterious…….they proudly say it, i had finished these many bottles of bear/whiskey/otka whatever…………………………                                                 Now tell me what milestone u achived by vomiting after drinking ??? Why not realize the truth.. that your body, can not intake it, that’s why, it was automatically thrown out by your body, to maintain its internal biological systems … but still people don’t understand the reality, they just doing it blindly, because others are doing it…because others say, what man, r u man ?Common grow up, u r no longer kid, forget about sweets, come lets drink-smoke, lets enjoy…..some may say, u r my friend, then prove it, come drink with me….do u think, drinking with the other person, can prove ur friendship ??? Big Questionmark ???                    If I talk about girls, then even they have started drinking, following men, thinking that, when men can enjoy, then why not we ??          I would share an instance, When  was in College in Port Blair, i met one of my school friend( girl), after long time, who came to Chennai for pursuing her she was staying in Girls Hostel…..there she got chance to drink along with her other friends, in the hostel………so when she met me, while talking, she said very happily that Friend, ” I drink beer…           I told her, it might was very tasty  , suddenly her expressions change, said….Chii…..kya kadua (bitte)……..I said, why u were jumping with happy….saying I drak beer………suddenly  her expressions again changed, an unexpected happen…..coz, she might thought, that i will appreciate that, as being a girl, u drank…waon…                        But nothing as such, she was looking at me surprisingly, then I told her…listen, there is nothing, in drinking alchol, it is bitter, hard to intake…then why not u accept that, realize that…..why do u following others…..when u urself drank, u came to know that, this is just bull shit…..what people say, i drank and i bang on someone, i danced, i had hard sex, i did something of the other etc..etc………I told her, what happen, when u drink, ur patela in Brain is disbalanced for sometime..and while walking, u can not walk stright……ur listening skills go a little low, people will have to be louder to make u listen their words, and in the same way u speak loudly with others, as u don’t know that ur listening skills went down…..then if u sit somewhere, u feel like everything around u like sky, stars, etc..etc.. is rotating….and u feel like laying down in the same process of those rotation…and once u lay down, u fall sleep, hardly in a matter of 3-5 minutes..and once u slept, u sleep like anything, u have no senses of whats happenning around u….i mean u sleep very well…..then on next day, u empty ur stomach during nature alchol boost ur digestive systems……….Nothing more than that….these were my personal realization…..several time I drank to explore,what it is…..why the entire world is crazy about it…..?? why the crowd says, after drinking, feel like, flying in the sky…feeling like the king….forget ur sad life etc…..but…but…but believe me friends, all are just crabs….nothing else…….Coz, i myself relize the truth, then why should i listen to others…..I had not left it experimenting it, at this stage…..I asked, at least 20-25 friends of mine, who boose regularly…..I asked the same question to them, that what happen, after drinking….I told my above expierence and asked if u had expierenced something differently ??? they all said, no………….                I explored it, i knew it…I came back to my real taste… I mean sweets…usually, in a week i go to any sweet stall and eat some sweets…as I love them…….why should I have alchols, which i don’t like…..???                    Will share another instance, when I came to Bangalore, and joined my first job….the very first day, my room mates brought some beer to celebrate….I said, u guys please enjoy, i will have the side dishes….getting a job, does not mean…its compulsary that u should drink……in fact, when i don’t like such a bitter taste, then why should I…??? … I told them, if u think, if the drink with you, that will proove our friendship…then I don’t want to proove it…..but in future, if i find u having hard time, then definitely u might find me around, helping u………………..If u think, drink is the proof for manhood….Man should drink it….the also, I don’t want to proof it, but when time will come, u would come to know about my strengths…….they got the answer, and they never ask me for the same..                              Many people, by just seeing me, come to know that i don’t drink or smoke….they ask..u don’t somke, drink right ?? i say, yes….and tell them…..(Mithen Logo ko Mithi Chije Pasand Hoti hein..) means sweat people like sweats….


I used to think, that why should I damage my kidney, liver by having alcohols..why should i accumulate -ve energy or will loose +ve energy…..rather I will have fruit, vegetables etc….in this way, I will accumulate +ve energy  which will strength me….and at times, when life ask u to take the challenges….that time you should have +ve proportion of enegy with you to bang on… I did everything, I drink, i smoke to experience it….and found nothing special, or interesting….rather I found, people are blindly in-taking them, as they see others are taking them….and in short period of time they get use to it…i mean they become habituated to it…..and u might realized that, when something become ur habit, then ur brain( the biggest gamer) make you to be with that……..let me explain you……..women, watch TV serials….how they are habituated to each episodes, and if one day, they miss one episode, they feel so bad about it……if u love someone, u habituate to speak to that person, seeing that person….if u like someone’s smile, and u habituate to that, no matter what ur mood is, say angry,sad etc.. u feel happy as soon as you see that smile…………Yes, this is what, game of brain…..making you habituate for things…..yes, brain is a gamer, and you become habituate naturally, then why not you habituate to good things, as i said, about love smile, other good things.??….why do u habituate to bad things ???                       I don’t know why ?? the entire world is moving towards bad things blindly….why cannot they realize what is good or what is bad..???         Now, again I will come to sweets things, from where I began, as I said above that children like sweets…they would never compromise eating sweets…..can you relate it logically…..coz, children are innocent…..they don’t know the bad side of human thoughts…..that’s why they are sweet and they like sweet…                   You might observe that, many elder people…often women or better say it, soft or (naturally) beutifull women they also like sweets…..have you ever realizes, why..??…coz, they grew up physically, but mentally they are as innocent as child, they are as sweet as child…..and that explain their taste, their personality etc…with their cute,sweat smile others feel very good…….they are the people, whom one can trust,…….even the person who drink alcohol, with someone whom he/she asked to prove their friendship by drinking with them….at times, he/she will suspect them, that this bewda( drunker) might do something wrong…..  so everyone will trust the innocent who are sweat,innocent,trustworthy…..   If I talk about innocent people, they are the ones who are close to god, or you can say god is innocence…or all the right things…one more example….once Jesus was asked, who get God, he replied, people who are like innocent kids….                             Ample of examples are given, now its your turn whether you understand it or not…if you like it follow it, or else you can do, what u have been doing **@@**!