Today I am going to discuss about difference between men and women.

From the childhood, if you had observed a girl child would like to have dolls, and keep her  safely as her close  friend, play with her etc., then if I talk about a boy child, generally they will buy guns, bike, vehicles  etc. they would play with them and break them soon.

Why I told this difference and started with child, coz no one tell them what type of toys they should have, but the difference is created by nature.

When they grow a little old, when the girl spend time with her mom in home while the boy go out and play badly, when parents try to beat the boy for his mistakes girl try to save the boy (brother).

Now, when I talk about food, by nature men need  more food than women, but need to share here, the girl child tend to share food with others  boy, girl  (brother or sister) while the boy doesn’t think much about others.

At the instances of their love (often) girl helps her brother or sister to get married to their love partners but in case of boys (often), when they came to know about someone love her sister or daughter, they will beat/injure/kill the boy and would try to make him away from her life…

After marriage (often) she love her husband, think to save money for family, try to give the best education to child, all together she is engaged with her emotional bonding towards with others and is constructive while (often) men tend to earn, earn and earn, think less about family, spend money on destructive things  like drinking smoking etc.

Conclusively you can say that a girl (often) is balanced, emotional and constructive while  a boy (often) is destructive from the childhood and when they grow adult one become stronger and a kind of destructive.

Now a very important thing I would like to discuss, when the women is made attractive, emotional,  soft, sexy etc  WHY nature made them less stronger than men ? ?  And you know what, beauty is always danger, whether it’s a living or non living thing, anyone tend to get them with or without their will. And coz of being less strong physically than men she is unable to protect her by own and many a times they depend on their dad, brother, friend, husband  etc. to save her and the truth is they can not be with them for 24/7.

Now a question to nature, your god, why they made such difference…why they made the destructive men stronger and the constructive women less strong?? Why, Why ??

Love : The beautiful moment's of our life !!

An year back, one of my friend was telling his love story, he said his Girl friend was expected to be expired two year ago as she had heart transplant prob.

The story began with Facebook chat Groups.

Both used to inspire each other, girl used to inspire my friend for trying hard with his acting Currier. My friend used to inspire her to get cured from her heart transplant prob. he brought love to her life, and wanted to give her all those things which any girl deserve in her life.

Both had good time even though they were  4K miles away physically from each other, both wanted just to see their loved 1 happy.

Its more than an year, and he has no communication with her, d girl who could not live without speaking to my friend, and once he received a call from her aunt and she is no more. But d love, her memories, left with my friend were unforgettable and they r forever, even as d life’s cycle rotates and some else may come in his life, but her memories r very special and become a part of my friends life.

Still my friend is expecting that, some day his phone must ring and he should listen her voice saying “Shona” I am fine now and want to meet u.


Someone has said it very nicely that, everyone should love someone, in his/her life, it raises one soul from normal human to Supernatural one.


Love, Love , Love Friends, it could be anyone, ur boy friend, girl friend, brother, sister, mom, dad, dog, cat, song, work anything, and see how ur life become Colorful.

Men will be Men…???..Insan, Insan hi Rahega.????

Why Indian has such mentality…….??? in the name of tradition, religion, cast etc. etc. they often go against Love…..which is the most beautiful thing in the whole universe…we all love someone, could be our mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife, boy friend, girl friend, dog, pets etc..etc…and we all know, how beautiful it is.. but when it come to someone else, may be your child, friend, neighbor, anyone….why we don’t like them…and don’t want  them to let them be happy, experiencing the most beautiful thing in the world…

If, u r brother and sister, society has no problem….if you r friend society is ok with it……but if you love truly, UN-conditionally, why sometime parents, sometime brother, sometime society don’t accept their happiness…… and in the name of Religion, Tradition, cast etc. we try to break their love………

Well i am not going to write a whole story again, if someone really want to know some truths, possibly they can read few of the articles that i have posted today like :- Paramparayen.. Kya such, Kya Galat?? in which i talked about Religions and its truths etc….then another article” What is love..Question Remains Question Mark..??? where i tried to write that, though we say, i love my child ( son or daughter), i love my husband, wife, brother, sister etc…but do they really love them……or they love them with any condition, for their own needs itself….if you have time, you can read them, and find something for your selves and like them….


At this point, i am going to tell you that ;” Men will be Men…….only …………. well i am talking about your (human beings) selfish nature….. you can only think about your own, you set your own path, ways, and want other to follow the same path and if they follow their own..you will make their life miserable…

Whom you left, you left no one, you are so cruel, if i talk about your gods :-

whether you call, Jesus when he was alive, you hanged him……….

whether you call Sri Ram, when he was alive, you sent him for Vanvas  and was by no one else, by his mom itself…when they were in vanvas a Rawan someone like you with negative thoughts took sita away……..

Whether it was Sri Krishna, when he born, he had to move to some other place to save him…..from his own Uncle Kansa………

In anther ways you can take these examples, as…if someone is doing right thing, you would made their life hell and when they are not with you….then you made them your god…


If a girl or boy love each other Un-conditionally, why you don’t help them to lead a healthy and happy life, when you know that its the beautiful thing in the world as your your self had realized it someday, somewhere with someone….to getting married to their own chosen boy or girl is a right to each and every person…as its all about their life, as two people are going to spend their whole life at time, parents thinks that, they are the best, if will find anyone for their child but why don’t they understand, they can not be right all the time for their child, even this should be their decision too…..as its all about his/her life and in fact he/she has the 1st right to decide whom to get married or not…

I don’t know, how many had failed in getting love marriage coz. of wrong beliefs, traditional views, religious views etc..etc….it could be more than 97% in our country who failed to get them married to the men/women they wanted to marry with….and untill we have a great couple ( having UN-conditional love in between), great souls couldn’t come to mother’s womb, and might be that’s the reason, we have not get a Ram, Jesus, Allah ( i mean your god) from a long time.


Few days, back i watched movie ” Bol ” in which at last a girl asked question to society ? ??? Sirf marna hi jurm kun hein, Paida karna jurma kun nahi hein …..paida karke, usen marne ke haal mein chod dena jurm kun nahi hein………!!

I think, every one should ask this question to your selves.


I don’t know why i shared all this with you, coz…how will this change your mentality….who i am ?? i am not a super star, am not a famous politician, am not a authoritative person whos words you can follow…as untill you find, someone who can be profitable to you, you will not listen to them….or else if someone is followed by many people, no matter they are right or wrong, you just assume things and follow them blindly…….No, more words, just last few…Men will be Men..!!