Why Marriage is important ??

Why marriage is important ?? yes, its a big questions, why should one get married, is it just about having sex with society’s permission or its more than this ??

SEX, is a part of each one’s life and can not be avoided, i don’t think that any one could ever escape from this, whether he/she is married or not and it will be there. From my personal experience, explorations i could realize the same, in our young age it blocks our mind like anything, it grows like, its the prime thing and rest all things come after this….Again, being a man, I can tell about man, (about woman, we listen, we study, we talk but how do they feel, they only should know it, but i am damn sure from my explorations that even they also have the similar situations).

In our young age, we encounter so many woman daily, some r innocent, some r hot, some r extremely hot, some r beautiful , each one with some good qualities, which will make you think about them, look for them, most importantly if you r single, u will look for each one’s good qualities, and when you get a partner, after that a sense of stability comes in life, but again it never stops there, still you encounter all those girls, and feel like step out of your relation and get engaged with the one, who attracts you the most. Most likely you would think of enjoying sex with others who attracts you, its natural, Sex blocks our mind like anything and can not be avoided, but my friends here is the most important thing, that i am going to tell you now, ”

our ancestors were exceptionally talented people who made such things in life, they might mad studied a lot,explored a lot, experienced a lot and after that, they decided that we human being should get married………….we have n-number of examples, that says, that in marriage, we get engaged to a particular person and create your own small world, where u can have sex 24/7 with others permission, you get kids, you get connected to your partner Emotionally, u feel obligated to your partner etc……and which is the most important thing, these obligations makes the two connected throughout the life…and helps each other to hold their hand in both good and bad time…….Another personal experience i would like to share with you all, at your good times, you might get diverted and tend to get attracted to others, thinking of having sex with others etc..but at bad time, you will only remember the one, who is close to you, and he/she is non other than your true partner, who is always for you, in your good as well as in bad days too as i used the word above “”” Emotional connection and Obligation””” yes, these r things which one would strengths throughout their life.


Many young boys and girls think, to enjoy sex, don’t get married, because in marriage they will have to be obligated to their partner, why should they? why not they just enjoy sex, by having new-new partner each time. My friend, as i said, its very true, that sex is very essential part of our life and blocks our mind like anything. But after a certain period of time, when you will move towards your old age from your young age, your interest will gradually go down for sex, naturally, so at that point of time if you have someone who is emotionally connected to you, obligated to you, that will help you, nothing else.The person you never connected emotionally, just had sex, enjoyed and forgot they will not standby you in your bad times, its again natural, why should they, when you never connected to them in that way, then why should they….and as i said, in your good time you will feel like going out of your relation you r committed to, but at bad time they will only hold your hand…that’s the truth…this is the combinations of my perceptions, explorations and experiences


Yes, exceptions r everywhere, in our country, our indian women spends their whole life for these obligations, even though many a times they do not get the love, they deserve from their partner,  but they will continue with their marriage just for their kids good future, as they don’t give importance to their life, rather they give importance to their kids life…and believe me, in most of the situations their kids would love them the most, coz he/she is looking her the pains she carried in her life …and some day, they would try to give their parent that care, which would eventually feel, that no problem, in a way i lost something  but i got so many other things and will forgot all her those pains, in front of that moment or truth,love, care….


So here, i am going to conclude my article, why marriage is important ?? coz, with marriage only you can enjoy the extreme please of sex,get connected to your partner emotionally, you create your own world, get kids, realize responsibilities, realize obligations etc..and in a way, you experience most of the things very successfully, that one should in their life…!!!

Song from Sindoor Movie !!

Very Nice song, when we were child, this movie was released and everywhere we used to go, we found please used to play this song..!! Even now also, if you go to Andaman Islands, you will find people are playing those emotional or romantic songs, u will feel so good, your heart will fill with love, u will find the earth a better place to live !!

Is Mariage an Atom Bomb ??

Is marriage an atom bomb ? if yes then fine, but its not then why doesn’t it blast so hard ? We all know that sex an important part of each and everyone’s life whether its men, women, fish, bird, animals, plants, trees, snakes everything. Again emotions r also very important in life, we need someone to share our emotions with them.  In this context our ancestors made something called Marriage, they thought in this way a couple would be more independent to share their emotions, sexual pleasures, respect to each other and more responsibilities for the couple.

I would like add the first and foremost truth of world god had made only male and female; whether its any fish, bird, animal or human beings, they made emotions, sex etc. in them too. Now in particular, if I talk about human being god had made only men and women and rest all things like mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, neighbor, relatives etc..we had made them..we developed many tradition, religion, language which were good, which has its own beauty, meaning, value..but we interpreted them wrongly or the people from who taught us them were not having the proper knowledge for same..which had a beauty, sweetness, meaning..we did not understand them, what we understood , to compare ourselves with  others in the same cast who is in better position in the other cast we don’t even try to respect them, accept them its not even our mistake, coz we were taught, broad up like that….so the people who had done such things they were wrong..

If we go deep into any religion, cast, language etc. we would find they all talk about love, peace, prosperity, equality, well being of humanity etc..etc…but we can never understand that, coz we can reach the basic things, coz. We always think of big thing, thinking of our growth and development and in that race we make an habit of ignoring the basic things. But it’s the truth, to know anything u need to know the basic things a tree start from their roots, a river start from mountain, a men start from a molecule of sperm and ovum. We hardly think of those basic things, we think we all know this then why this crazy “Common Man” is talking about all those basic things ? coz. What exactly I want to tell you, no doubt u all know these basic things but u never give importance to them as you think you know them and everyone know them and u move ahead to learn more which other don’t know coz. U just tend to race with other…..

I want  to give you another very good example, many times you might had seen in ur life while watching TV a person who go to jail who is convicted for 10-20 years. Over a period of time, they tend to spend time with theirselves, asking many questions and getting their answers  from his inside I mean from his soul, then spending time in reading many books possibly philosophical books, they come to know the truth of life, their desires vanish, they r like nobel personality without any desire, and when they come out of jail after such long time u find them they become like philosophers or nobel personality, they don’t have angry for others, a pleasant wave they through on u, u get emotionally attached to that person, even u know u r watching a movie..

I myself could realize all these things since I spent my life alone in my room for more than an year, since I joined a new job 1.5 years. I used to go to job for 9 hours, making some money for my day to day life come back to my room, spending time alone  in my room, asking many questions, getting their answer from within, reading books, watching movies, discovery channel etc….yes from movies, I tend to learn the good things, from their songs etc..from discovery channel I learnt about various species of organism, birds, snake, fish, animals etc..and could compare the basic things with us from them and you have been finding me when I talk about anything I include every organism in the world. Thanks to one of room mate who is working as an editor in bollywood a man from UP, he is the one who puts the discovery channel most of the time , so when he put them I see what’s happening in their world and learn things in my own way. U never know who can teach you what, or else what u can learn from everything.

In another example, if I talk about our sages ( rishi,muni ) who go to Himalayas, or in mountains, jungles spending life in loneliness in course of time  they get those answers which make them above normal human beings. Yes, I am trying to emphasize on loneliness , spending time with yourself, be with yourself, be yourself, ask question and get the answers from within ( from ur own soul) and that will be the answer. Coz, no one can teach you, until u, urself realize them. *****

Now again I will come back to my topic, “why marriage an atom bomb “ ?  as in the beginning itself I told god had created only male and female and rest all is created by us. =–

1) Most of us, has sex before our marriage but we don’t care about that, but when u get married , u r done with one phase u can not do the things u used to do or love tro do when u were bachelor.. now u ask urself is marriage an atom bomb, if yes then fine if not then why it blast so hard ?

2)  Before marriage, we have girl friend or boy friend we hardly fight , but when   we get married. The phase change. When responsibility come, u can not carry it.  U stat fighting…yes, I wrote the reason why u (human being ) fight in my other article “ We say its men made society”…yes, ur wife, or ur husband is still the same, now u ask yourself is marriage an atom bomb, if yes then fine if not then why it blast so hard ?

3) Now if I talk about parents, they can accept their child to be friend with a boy or girl of different caste, religion, language etc., they still accept if they r boy friend or girl friend, whether they has sex or not doesn’t matter to them but when when it come to marriage no matter how good the boy or girl is parents oppose that, they would try to get them marriage of their own choice , “ Now again the question to them , “ is marriage an atom bomb, if yes then its fine, if not then why does it blast so hard..

Now the last line again for this article, god had made only male and female and rest all r made by us. Those were made by us for our good of course but we take them in wrong context. Rules r made by us, we r not made by Rules. So my dear friend, don’t give so important to rules, give importance to people ur own people. Marriage is also a Rule not an Atom bomb. So don’t take it as atom bomb. No one can teach you this you will have to ask yourself these question, and the ways I told above, u might get the answer from within.*****

Pyramid Music

Whenever one talk about god, India, Egypt etc. these r d names which comes in our mind, so here is an Egyptian Music, there is no words, only emotions, its little sad emotions, u might feel like crying if you r doing meditation listening to this music, now you might thing why i included it here coz. crying is also an emotion, we often think of laugh, being happy but sadness, cry also part of our life why now we love them too..and at time if you feel like crying then cry as hard as you can but make sure that you never cry for the same reason and if you make this a part of life, then you would learn to play with you life both in good and bad days and your soul will go up……Well this music resemble our Muslim Brother prayers ” Allah hu- akbar” ..well i am talking about the  rhythm, so they might like it………here in this Article section i tried to include those which i felt were really good, which has got nothing to do with any Religion cast etc..only feel the sound and at the end when i tried to conclude things i found every Religion is somehow connected to the spiritual things but most of our people don’t know the actual dept of what are they doing and coz. of them you can see riots, fights etc..etc……what to say, Nothing….only a long breath for all of them…  “”

We say its a Men made Society ??

Women often say that it’s a men made society, where they were given less value, less opportunity, less respect, where so many wrong things r done to them by men, men dominate society, nation , world etc…But if compare each organism in the world, whether its on soil, water or in air  we will find the stronger orgasm dominate the other less stronger than them..A big fish eat a small fish, a tiger kills the other animal who r less stronger than them a tiger hardly can think of killing an elephant coz he  know if he try to kill an elephant then may be he will be defeated,  an anaconda kills the other animal, a crocodile kills the other animal or fish and many more examples.

Now if we talk about men, yes men r comparatively stronger (physically ) than women and that’s the reason in general we found them to dominate women. But that not the case always  suppose in a family if the wife earn more and is very beautiful or else she quarrels better than men then in that family women dominate men.

Now I believe that the above examples were enough to tell its always the stronger dominates the others. But very often we call it’s a men made society which is not true. If we look from the ancient time we had found that a king with more power, more weapons, more armies attack on the less powerful nation, a king with more power used to have 4-5 wives and so many other women as her slaves for his fantasies etc….sometime we found the sea pirates attacked on other people, sometime in the name of religion, sometime in the name of language, sometime for money, sometime for sex, sometime for property we always from that the stronger kills/dominate the one with less power.

Now  when women say that it’s a men made society why they don’t think that even the men with less power ( it could be physical, or financial etc.) even they has to face the same situation. At many instances you might observe decent men doesn’t go in groups, they hardly think of hurting others rather they love other and since they don’t make groups, other men (in general with negative attitude, who r in group) they would fight with the decent men, as they know they r in group and he is alone so definitely they will beat him bad and they fight…hardly you would find that when the negative person is alone that time he think of fighting with any others as he know he will be beaten too…

Yes, here we reached at the  conclusion, its not men made society, its power made society, good men always think of others good, specially women’s good and coz. Of them u  (good women) still search for a good men whom u can trust, love and can live ur life happily. Or from whom who is living a happy life coz. Of a good men only. Coz of good men love is still there in our hearts, in ur hearts…yes that’s the truth, actually rules were made of good cause only bad the negative men and women for their own selfishness they misused them and that got a different shape..Now I want to end this article by saying we had seen all the examples from all other orgasm to human being and found that always the stronger dominates the other with less power ***********!!!!*********!!!

Relaxing music

Very relaxing music, if you are tired, believe me, it might take away  all ur tiredness, also if you look at the video, you might feel like soo big and so beautiful and moreover so mysterious, somewhere water is falling from high mountains, sometime clouds are playing in the mountains, sometime d huge glaciers, in fact it has got all color, all power etc.,  and we are in our small family of few members or small community of few people etc. thinks we are 30 mar kha….we think we r falana, dhinkana……so if you look at this video and if you feel d same as i said, you might loose your ego, and you would like to love everyone, and if you follow that, even you life will be better than what you had before…and will feel love in the air, your soul will go up, you will be close to god..”””””