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Evolutions.in is the story of man, his circumstances & evolution in life.

As the name suggest, that its a site about a man, his circumstances & evolution in life.

Over a period of time I  went on getting ansers to so many things in my journey of life. One day I realized that the thoughts am getting are different from what the world is today. Gradually I realized when I will be sharing the thoughts which I went on getting from the universe, one day when i will conclude my life, it may be a huge book for others to know, to follow, to learn to live, so I got the most important answer of my life that , ” I am actually a “Thought”, in human body and soul who is trying to translate the messages from the universe to human language which my fellow human beings can understand that what exactly earth is about, what human beings are, what is love, what is truth, life force ect. because may be these days people are confused with so many things about god, allah, jesus, aatma, parmatma etc., so if the almighty choose me for that then let me share those thoughts with you all.      So here I got the purpose of my life, very few can actaully tell this that what is the perpose of their life, why they are here on this planet ? so my friend, try to find your purpose of life, some day am sure you may get your answer too.

So know me as a “Thought”, here by saying so I never tried to claim, I am right and others were wrong which were written in our ancient books like Ved, kuran, bible, geeta etc, but i am sure that I am trying to tell the world people are living in today is not exactly following the ways as it was suppose to be. But again there are no compulsion to follow my thoughts, my every post is based on heart, so if your heart tells you that what I am saying is right then follow it or else you can continue following what you have been following for your journey.

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