Dil Mein Ho Tum [ Satyamev Jayate 1987 ]

When I was kid, we broad up listening to such songs, and today u would find Item songs etc. which has absolutely no meaning. Someone said, it very nicely, kisi desh ka bhavishya tab badalta hein, jab uski sangeet badalti hein;;; now u understood what i want to say!!! the songs that i am posting today, r those, which used to inspire us, we used to learn from them when we used to be sad, but if we compare today’s item song etc. what people can learn from them, when they need any guidance when they r sad..now think urself, if u r going in right direction !!


When i was small kid, my mom used to play this movie’s song in our tape recorder every morning and evening very loudly; the songs used to reach long long distance in the Forest of a place called Panchawati (near Rangat) in Middile Andaman !! Love u mom for ur good lessons, though she is not fit psychologically these days, coz of which we had to bear lots of issues, still we r together, what is understanding (by every other member of the family) , what is family we can take it as an example;; will tell u the story some day!! Really nice song, every lines is good !!