Song from Sindoor Movie !!

Very Nice song, when we were child, this movie was released and everywhere we used to go, we found please used to play this song..!! Even now also, if you go to Andaman Islands, you will find people are playing those emotional or romantic songs, u will feel so good, your heart will fill with love, u will find the earth a better place to live !!

Pyramid Music

Whenever one talk about god, India, Egypt etc. these r d names which comes in our mind, so here is an Egyptian Music, there is no words, only emotions, its little sad emotions, u might feel like crying if you r doing meditation listening to this music, now you might thing why i included it here coz. crying is also an emotion, we often think of laugh, being happy but sadness, cry also part of our life why now we love them too..and at time if you feel like crying then cry as hard as you can but make sure that you never cry for the same reason and if you make this a part of life, then you would learn to play with you life both in good and bad days and your soul will go up……Well this music resemble our Muslim Brother prayers ” Allah hu- akbar” ..well i am talking about the  rhythm, so they might like it………here in this Article section i tried to include those which i felt were really good, which has got nothing to do with any Religion cast etc..only feel the sound and at the end when i tried to conclude things i found every Religion is somehow connected to the spiritual things but most of our people don’t know the actual dept of what are they doing and coz. of them you can see riots, fights etc..etc……what to say, Nothing….only a long breath for all of them…  “”

Relaxing music

Very relaxing music, if you are tired, believe me, it might take away  all ur tiredness, also if you look at the video, you might feel like soo big and so beautiful and moreover so mysterious, somewhere water is falling from high mountains, sometime clouds are playing in the mountains, sometime d huge glaciers, in fact it has got all color, all power etc.,  and we are in our small family of few members or small community of few people etc. thinks we are 30 mar kha….we think we r falana, dhinkana……so if you look at this video and if you feel d same as i said, you might loose your ego, and you would like to love everyone, and if you follow that, even you life will be better than what you had before…and will feel love in the air, your soul will go up, you will be close to god..”””””

Om mantra Chanting Video with tanpura sound

Very nice music, OM with Tanpura Sound, if you close your eyes, sit comfortably in a meditative pose, and then if you try to chan the same mantra, in same pace and rhythm so it as per your age, if your 30 years old then try to do it at least 30 minutes daily and after that just  sit without chanting the words and try to follow whatever is happening with you (of course keep your eyes closed) and after that when you try to ope your eyes for sometime it will be difficult to open your eyes then things will be perfect and if  might feel more energetic to do your and many more so keep observing i don’t want to include much here, as you find yourself if its good for you or not..

Oliver shanti Video

This another very good video and music showing nature, its beauty, power, and the music somewhat resemble our Catholic brothers music.. so my friend.. if you are a meditator then adopt every good thing, learn from ever thing adopt good things, no matter its from which religion, which cast, which race, ……………………Make yourself like if its with Love, you are for everyone and if its not then you are with no one…….you are an Independent bird, fly High…””””

Spiritual Reality – The Journey Within!!

Well you might learn lot of things about mediatation from this video..please watch….also if you listen to the voice also, music etc. it will take you to a different world….follow d sound initially, as its difficult to control our emotions, so if you listen to this initially it will help you to meditate later you will become your own master..””””””