Welcome to Evolutions.in, A Story of a man, his circumstances & evolution in life.

All the way from Andaman and Nicobar Islands to various metro cities, I explored life in various forms.
Here on this page, I tried to share my journey, learnings, hoping if those can help you to find your own
ways too.

In this world some ways everyone in not happy with their life, everyone has some complains about many things that is happening with them. So along with our own experiences, we tried to share some of the briliant minds across the world, I mean many movies which really give good messages to society etc., in fact there are many songs which has deep meanings, which may be over a period of time we forgot or may be we missed to listen to them or watch them, so tried to bring those to you also, so whatever your mood is, you might go back with some positive energy once you visit the site.

Hope you may like the way we look at the world, our coices of songs of movies which we share on this site,  if so please share this site with others too so that we can help each other to be little happy which somehow we fogot with time.