**** Rape- learn to protect urself, ways revealved ****

Have been watching on TV about the 5 year old girl’s rape..Rally, really shameful thing…nothing else..

Yes, its always my habit, to think from every side and then come to a conclusion….now from this prospect if i  talk about Sex, its an essential part of our life..we all (elder/ adult people) know that…we had heard of news before that could be somewhere some shy boy had sex with goat, dog, bottles etc. unknowingly, on the other hand we hear about some shy girls who got sexually heated and they end up having sex with their pets like dogs. etc., at time they put anything or everything in their sexual organs and please themselves again it could be unknowingly, who was not even knowing about sex….here what i am trying to tell, that sex is an essential part of life….
Yes, now in particular if i talk about men…being a men I know how a men feel, think, or desire about sex. over a period of time i found it really-really difficult to stop my desire to stop having sex. with any girl/women…
I heard few of my friends ( college senior ) who were in air force, during their training, they need to spend 2-3 months in their camp, where they can’t even see any girl…and these boys go crazy to see any girl even (((yes it might look strange, but its the truth that i heard from few of my friends ))) and even the commandants know about that, and what they do, they give their boys some medicine, to control their sexual desire……..Yes, what i am trying to tell you, sex is something that can not be ignored or stopped and being a men i know its really difficult to stop the desire and you need very strong will power to control yourself….but again i will come to ourselves neither my friends (off course air force friends about whom i talked above or me could never think of raping any girl without her wish…we r also men, then how come we can consider some in human men is raping any girl without her will…
NO, NEVER….these things should never be taken into consideration…..if anyone end up having sex accidentally with any girl, and ask soory about what he has done and try to neutralize the situation then even the girl (whose  criminal you r) can forgive you, thinking yes it was happened accidentally…..But what is GANG RAPE ?? where more than 1 men is trying to rape a girl without her will….Being in the socialized society we all even feel shame to talk about sex in front of other and in gang rape these BASTARDS r doing sex. together with a single girl ???????
……then raping a 5 year old girl oh my god ( godh lene layak bacchi ke sath rape kar raha hein, kaisi darinden hein)……yak………these acts can never be accident and no fast tract court should take a single weeks time to punish them and even they should not be given life imprisonment, they should be hanged immediately…there can not be any other way for any cases etc., fooling the system, fooling everyone etc………( this advice is for law and order people)..
Now for city people, My dear friends, Govt. (ministers) , they can not do much about it in immediate effect….who is responsible for law an order, for internal security…..yes, its police dept….but what i am seeing that, Delhi police is less into taking sever steps to stop such crime, instead they r more active to stop the protesters to stop them and not allowing them to enter into any ministers place …..so in such situation what i can tell you all, my delhi friends, i am living in Mumbai ,” here its said, that women r safe here in Mumbai…Why there r two reasons behind, one here sex. is open anyone can have sex. very easily and the second thing which is very important is Public here in Mumbai fight for them…..if any where if any girl say that any guy is disturbing/mis-behaving with  her, public beats the person like anything….so that fear is also there….that if any men try to mis-behave with any women then they can get beaten up by the public………
Yes, my dear delhi friends, if you want to protect your girls then u will have to fight for it….and you only can stop these type of in-human rape……now suggestions to girls, please be safe don’t go alone in lonely places always TRY to be 2 or more than two people together….try to be in groups as much as possible so that u, urself can fight for urself………….Kabhi Hizdon/chakko ko dekha hein, groups mein hi rahtein hein…..kun ? kunki, they knows, don’t trust anyone, protect yourself…….even those men, who do gang rapes etc..even they r like those chakke/hizhde who do gang rapes type of crime with  a lonely girl when they r together with more wild animals…..So my dear friends always try to be in groups…..
Another important clue (( this fact parents/adult, girl who already had sex. they should know this)) , when a girl has sex for first time whether its with her boyfriend or any men she get lots and lots of pain as her sexual organ is not developed properly she may get fainted also…after 1st time, 2nd time is little better, still she gets pain but at least she know d process so her body is little prepared for that, as the number of times she has sex. her sexual organs became more and more matured so less the chances that she might loose her life after such incident….if u r honest, and want to be honest with ur husband and can not think of having sex. with boyfriend then at least play with your own sexual organs and mature it by ur own……. Fathers please tell the mom to be shameless and talk to her daughter and guide her, mother please if u agree then talk with your daughter about sexual things….as that cold be the way u can save ur girls life…..It might sound strange, but if u ask urself and if u get the answer then u get it, but if u don’t then god bless u to protect ur child..
Now i am at concluding part of my article, first try to be i groups to protect yourself when u go to any public place like to catch a bus,train, ricksha, school etc.., if u r i group then there is less chances for Rape….
Public again, specially delhi/ north indian public u will have to be sensitive for ur women, fight for them as and when they need u….give the culprit good bash when they try to do such in human acts. as people do here in mumbai…
3rd accidentally, after taking all of these precaution if any such thing, happen with any girl and his body is matured to have sex. ( as the ways i said, above) then at least u don’t have to loose ur life as ur body is prepared for sex…as Rape is also sex. so if you could not stop them, let that happen and later u do justice to urself, whichever ways u think is best for u, if u want to case, then case, beat then beat, if u want to kill, kill…don’t think that if u r raped then u will loose respect in society and get into depression….more about it, u can read in my another article ” Love, Sex and Rape all r same, difference only in involvement of person”….


Please remember, no system can be 100% perfect, so some system could be good for few, some could be for other few…but, there can be system in which majority of the people can win, but our govt., police, democracy can never bring such systems, as they all r followers, following what is told to them….suppose if someday someone will make such system also then there can be people who would try to fool such system as majority of the crowd is good in making others life miserable in order to make their life better…
Girls, protect urself, parents, helps ur daughters, public help ur women…that it……….Delhi Friends protest will not make any difference, ministers can not help u , police can…but they r also doing then u urself help each other…


A Question, why i started with Sex, men desire etc.. first and then came to Rape…as sex is part of life, and no one can ignore it, and don’t try to stop it also, as that might make u more and more crazy for sex. and u may end up doing some wrong practice…but still if happened accidentally, any one can understand that, but Gang Rape, rape child ( 3-13 year old girl) rape etc. never be considered as an accident and should not be tolerated even for a single day..

Govt. People,  please don’t play any political game this time, like the previous protest…fast track court bla…bla…bla…NOTHING at end, that time it self i told, its just fooling people, nothing else, did the girl get justice yet………..its more than 5 months now, since that heppend…..people were protesting and suddenly, kargil war, Pakistani cut the head of Indian solder, everyone’s focus is diverted from delhi gang rape to kargil war…bull shit…..So govt. people, please don’t play any game this time against this protest…if that was ur bad politics to stop the protest…!!!!  

Guru Dikcha

You might had found in a country with thousands of religions, cast, language there r many people, or God fearing people or we can say who want to dedicate their life for God, there are few crazy people like My Punjabi Friend/room mate/child/brother or all above this my Guru, his name is Mandeep who is crazy about finding/knowing how and what is enlightenment.

Last year in december 2011 he left mumbai, to get Dikcha from a Guru in his Asharm in Prayash. While leaving, he said, he is not sure when he will be back, as he has some questions, until he find the answers to those question he will not come back, it could be a month or two, it could be an year or more, he doesn’t know about it. I said ok, he went to Prayash, they did not allowed him as he was very young for Dikcha etc., he was just 24 years that time..he spent around 2-3 months with his family and came back. But he stopped eating to non-veg. as they said, if u want to take dikcha then u shouldn’t eat non-veg food at least for an year.

So when we prepare non-veg. food and enjoy, he doesn’t eat them, but its not like he want to have non-veg. food, he has another Crazy who also ran here and there to find answers to many questions and is not part of the crowd, many people call him Mandeep baba, coz he has that type of look and even his behavior is also very good with everyone, mostly people likes him.

So when he was not eating non-veg. i asked him,” is it necessary that, we need to have an old brahmin or sanyasi to make them guru and get dikcha ” ?

Again I asked him,” u know who is my Guru ?

and i replied him, u r my Guru..he was silent for around 3-4 seconds, then he said, even i learnt a lot from u..i learn from others also…..i replied, yes very true…we can not learn everything from one person, could be few things, and many times, we learn ourselves, many times some tree, some blow of air, some waves in the sea, bubles on the wanter, innocent kids smile and many more things..when we make Guru to each and every particle in the universe that day we can learn a lot.

Now the thing is why i told to him my Guru ? coz. in jan1st2010 when 1st time he came to mumbai and straight way came to my room as a PG as my room mate, on the same night we had long conversation talking about each other, he is the 1st person in mumbai who was knowing me, what i am, whom i revealed my story. On the same night he told me few good things like – a quote of Confucious,” mujhne yeh gam nahi ki, tumne mujhen nahi samjha; balki mujhne yeh gam hein ki, meine tumhen nahi samjha”” well i really liked this word, as when people understand this, that time they can think about Jesusu words, when he was hanged, he said, hey God please forgive them, they don’t know what they r doing………so i got a big answers with this quote…..then after few days, he took his “BOOK of MIRDAD” out and showed me two lines,it was as ,” Kahtein hein, ki bhagwan ne hamen banaya and hamne bhagwan ko bana diya””” again, this was another big answer for me, as was reading Geeta for last 13 years, one day i was sitting below the open sky and thought in Geeta, there r 18 lessons and in every lesson the words that Krishna told to Arjun, that Karm kar bhavnaon ke adhen mat ho….so i thought the overall thing was this only, yes there were many more details inside but outlook can be said as above..so i was thinking, why people worship God, who saw them, why there r so many varieties of God etc..etc…but i did not get the answers that time ( 7-8 years back, i was in port blair, andaman that time, doing my college ) and finally i just decided to continue worshiping God, as there were nothing wrong in that, and its difficult to maintain any good habit, so just think from that prospect and do pooja………Now the moment he showed me, those lines from “Book of Mirdad”that “”God Made us, and we made God””” means, we know that some power/energy made us, but we did not knew what is that, but since we know there is some supernatural power which made us, so we gave them a name God, Bhagwan, Allah etc..etc..

i got answers to many more questions…i had realized that, the way we do pooja, worship god is not right, first thing is there is nothing hidden from it, so why do we need to tell/pray for it….and in 99% time we just ask something to god, to enrich u, ur family etc with good things….so god should not be prayed for ur needs..2nd thing, there can not be any time morning or evening good for prayer, there can not be any day Tuesday or Wednesday good to pray for them etc..etc…as every day is important, who d hell we r to distinguish which day is good and which day is bad…..so this way, i learnt many good things from him….

then i learnt many more things, when i read the book,” Osho-Mein Mrituin Sikhata hun”” and the learning process broaden after that, whatever i saw, i tried learning from them…

And finally  after 13 years i stopped, Doing Murthy Pooja, Geeta Path etc…going to temple etc…..as now, i remember the supernatural power anytime, no evening & morning, no tuesday & wednesday, no temple…now temple is everywhere, below the open sky, on sea shore, in my room everywhere…. I decided to put my wooden temple, murthy, Geeta etc. in the Sea Water as for many years they were a part of of my life and wanted to take them away from my life with all respect and when i was leaving from room a lady in my neighbor asked to gave her and i gave her…..Later I removed, my pearl ring, rudraksh, mom’s tabiz, nazar suraksha kawach etc..and kept them in our temple ( in our home, in andaman)…..initially i was a little scared, while departing from all those things, as these were with me for long time, but believe me today i am absolutely fine after removing them from me, today i am, what i should without any fear for rahu,ketu,grah,nkchtra etc…..rather the views changed in such a way that, we all made up of 5 elements, we all r part of same source and life is pretty good, learn from small small things to big big things,love is everywhere..


I would share one more instance, this january2013 i was going to Hyderabad and when i was waiting for the bus, i was singing one of  sridevi’s masti Song..a man saw me and said, waon..good energy, then we talk for around 5-10 minutes..he was waiting for bus to his city Bangalore….so, during our talks he said, Religion is a huge science..i asked how ? he said, its all about energy….i liked his words, as he said, it differently instead of saying, god, bhagwan, allah he said, its about energy……..then few more things he said like we human being are those cleaver animals who would cut the trees, they will prepare paper from that tree and on that paper they will write “don’t cut trees” …i liked his words further….then he said, no other animals need god, human beings is the only animal who need god…further he said, we just now found Bozone Particles, when we can found nucleus energy imagine what can happen…


So again come to point, Guru Dikcha…my friend, not necessary that your Guru should be some old brahmin, and has to from any ashram or from any temple, they can be anyone, they can be anywhere, they can teach you those things or might be you can learn those things from them which can unlock those questions which can take your sprite up……..But if you go to Temple, ashram, approaches brahmin, sanyashi etc. to take Guru Dikcha in the name of God, more than 99% of them r just fake people, who doesn’t know the 30% of basic things, then how come u can expect them for that truth which hardly few could know…

i am not telling every brahmin is fake they don’t know the 30% of the realistic things, but yes there could be possibility who had lots of studies hardly 2-5 people in the whole nation, who can tell you the right things…but believe me they don’t tell you that until they realize u worth that, as their words u might not accept coz. of boundaries that u created for urself, but u will have to find the right person..

Now, i have told to you my personal experiences, explorations etc..now you will have to decide what you want and how you will find your answers to reach to the source..$$

Nights in a Call Center..!!

Nights in a Call Center talks about my nights in a Call Center.. Well for over two years of time I worked with a call center. Though the work profile and the package was really good, in fact coz. of that I worked there. Well in my life I did lots and lots of experiments, Worked for Infosys, then came to Mumbai to try for Acting and Singing carrier, but the industry is totally in-transparent, so I worked with a diamond Export company, then tried doing some business when was in business realize that It will take time, it will not grow overnight..So I joined back a US based Call Center, so that some fixed income I can get every month and  during day I can work for my business…When I joined the company, and spend time there, I realize that “when I speak with customers, few were good and few were very smart, no matter what they had done but they speak with you in a way as of you r just a call center employee and you know nothing and they r just brilliant people, what to tell such people, that they are fortune enough that the company doesn’t allow its employees to give you an answer which you truly deserve.. if the employees are silent coz. company doesn’t allow them to answer what you want…..

Now if I talk about the employees within the organization, majority of people only know speaking English…coz they born in a city and have watched English Movies from their childhood and is good with English….nothing else they know….they have absolutely no emotions,  psychology etc.  they are just coming to work, speak English with customers, going for smoke, on weekends drinks a lots doing all shorts of aaiyashi…..nothing else….this is their life nothing else they know, they have absolute no purpose in their life… Yes, there are few employees who are good, emotional and doing their work sincerely and they are the one who are at management, or reach to the management team….When  I worked their many of the employees made fun of me, calling me Psycho,  Mad etc…I just used to smile, as I knew the reason, as I hardly accompanied them when they go for smoke on breaks, when they go to boose on weekends I always walked alone as I know my Race is different from them, I used to go for Nature walk etc…so the reason I used to smile as I realized I am much more above from them and you  what a person is seeing you from above can see everything about you, but a person who is looking a person from the ground who is above him can not see everything….so that’s how from the place I used to see them was much above than them…. But they used to think I am a fool as I am not responding to them..

Now if I talk about management team, I did  not find a really efficient management team, but since I used to know, I am working here coz. of me and my circumstance, so accept them as my managers and did my work sincerely and at time if any of my manager tried to teach me something which is un-ethical or illogical I made them understand, what I am..I made them understand that I am here as perhaps I joined the organization 5-10 years later than them, by that much time i will be in a different race…..for me its like one step back for a runner before starting a marathon race to get the energy to win the race..as after working for corporate then starting own business working as an employer and then work under another employer not coz. he lost his work as an employer rather as he followed another path to be more certain for his winnings….

And this is the way I had found people are good and bad everywhere, within the country or outside the country..few of my customers  were really good and few were bad, few of the employees were good and few were bad, few of the managers were good and few were not…


I was good to those who were decent people and was good to me, whether they were employees, manager or customer…accepted my position, circumstance and respected everyone at work, and those who were not good to me, how they can think that the person sitting beside them or speaking with them or is working under them can brings evolutions across the globe, people might take his ideals and would try to learn things as the way he did…. From my end just few things, I pride my work no matter what I did whether it’s a call centre job or something else, tried to do it with all dignity and sincerity…….

What to tell people, who made other life hell here and when they prove themselves then  start following them, why don’t they understand that Raja hamseha se raja hota hein, no matter where he is ,,,,, par log usen tab jantein hein jab wo Raaj Mukut pahanta hein….But any ways, we need to understand this ki ish duniya mein teen tarah ke log hein, ek dev pravriti ke, ek manav pravriti ke aur ek danav prariti ke,,,……..we had seen dev, danav and manav in tv serials and read them on books, we had seen dev very good looking, manav simple and danav black with big nails, mustache etc..but that is not the scenario today, we saw news everyday that someone has killed someone, someone has raped someone, someone did something wrong with someone…..though they look very good, could be from any elite family also, but who are they ?? they are those danav pravriti log…who would made your life hell…manav would be simple and dev would think good about you…will try to do good about you….so don’t judge a person from his look, family he belongs or from the community he is coming from….judge a person from his good qualities and respect him, love him and you will be happy..!!!

Sun Re Kanhiya, Kisko Kahega Tu Maiya ??

Sun Re Kanhiya, Kisko Kahega Tu Maiya ?? Jisne tujhko janam diya ya Jisne tujhko pala ? It is said, that Lord Krishna was born by Mata Dewki but broad up by Ma Yashodha…so now the question was whom he would call his mom…so the song was telling that storey..

We often think my mom, my dad, my son, my daughter, my husband, my wife …. And the life goes in this My..My things……..but when we look back we find there are so many people, without them we could not be doing what we r today…to grow you up there are so many people who helped you through… but your life goes in doing for you’re my..my……………..we give n- number of chances to our blood relation, irrespective of their extent of mistake they did to you and can not even try to accept one single mistake  from someone who is not your blood relation….we give more importance to your blood relations than humanity and believe me billions and billions were cried coz. of that, how come my blood relation did this to me..bla..bla…bla….Now if I talk about a person, he is born with certain things, when he grow up, he develops selfishness, jealousy and many more things and believe me its is not developed as if you r blood relative then this is not for you……why not we talk about humanity etc..and respect those people who are good whether they are in blood relation or not…Well often I give lots of example and my article goes very long, so I want to make it short..think and find what answer, you got for yourself..”””””

Why Marriage is important ??

Why marriage is important ?? yes, its a big questions, why should one get married, is it just about having sex with society’s permission or its more than this ??

SEX, is a part of each one’s life and can not be avoided, i don’t think that any one could ever escape from this, whether he/she is married or not and it will be there. From my personal experience, explorations i could realize the same, in our young age it blocks our mind like anything, it grows like, its the prime thing and rest all things come after this….Again, being a man, I can tell about man, (about woman, we listen, we study, we talk but how do they feel, they only should know it, but i am damn sure from my explorations that even they also have the similar situations).

In our young age, we encounter so many woman daily, some r innocent, some r hot, some r extremely hot, some r beautiful , each one with some good qualities, which will make you think about them, look for them, most importantly if you r single, u will look for each one’s good qualities, and when you get a partner, after that a sense of stability comes in life, but again it never stops there, still you encounter all those girls, and feel like step out of your relation and get engaged with the one, who attracts you the most. Most likely you would think of enjoying sex with others who attracts you, its natural, Sex blocks our mind like anything and can not be avoided, but my friends here is the most important thing, that i am going to tell you now, ”

our ancestors were exceptionally talented people who made such things in life, they might mad studied a lot,explored a lot, experienced a lot and after that, they decided that we human being should get married………….we have n-number of examples, that says, that in marriage, we get engaged to a particular person and create your own small world, where u can have sex 24/7 with others permission, you get kids, you get connected to your partner Emotionally, u feel obligated to your partner etc……and which is the most important thing, these obligations makes the two connected throughout the life…and helps each other to hold their hand in both good and bad time…….Another personal experience i would like to share with you all, at your good times, you might get diverted and tend to get attracted to others, thinking of having sex with others etc..but at bad time, you will only remember the one, who is close to you, and he/she is non other than your true partner, who is always for you, in your good as well as in bad days too as i used the word above “”” Emotional connection and Obligation””” yes, these r things which one would strengths throughout their life.


Many young boys and girls think, to enjoy sex, don’t get married, because in marriage they will have to be obligated to their partner, why should they? why not they just enjoy sex, by having new-new partner each time. My friend, as i said, its very true, that sex is very essential part of our life and blocks our mind like anything. But after a certain period of time, when you will move towards your old age from your young age, your interest will gradually go down for sex, naturally, so at that point of time if you have someone who is emotionally connected to you, obligated to you, that will help you, nothing else.The person you never connected emotionally, just had sex, enjoyed and forgot they will not standby you in your bad times, its again natural, why should they, when you never connected to them in that way, then why should they….and as i said, in your good time you will feel like going out of your relation you r committed to, but at bad time they will only hold your hand…that’s the truth…this is the combinations of my perceptions, explorations and experiences


Yes, exceptions r everywhere, in our country, our indian women spends their whole life for these obligations, even though many a times they do not get the love, they deserve from their partner,  but they will continue with their marriage just for their kids good future, as they don’t give importance to their life, rather they give importance to their kids life…and believe me, in most of the situations their kids would love them the most, coz he/she is looking her the pains she carried in her life …and some day, they would try to give their parent that care, which would eventually feel, that no problem, in a way i lost something  but i got so many other things and will forgot all her those pains, in front of that moment or truth,love, care….


So here, i am going to conclude my article, why marriage is important ?? coz, with marriage only you can enjoy the extreme please of sex,get connected to your partner emotionally, you create your own world, get kids, realize responsibilities, realize obligations etc..and in a way, you experience most of the things very successfully, that one should in their life…!!!