Why ghost r found in night, jungles, lonely places ?

All the way from big forest of Andaman and Nicobar Islands to various cities of country. Today i am able to differentiate it, why ghost or horror stories happen in night, in forest/jungle or in lonely places ?ghost stories

When I was in islands, the population was comparatively negligible than any of the cities of country, darkness was more coz of less number of street lights, big trees, huge forest, also  heard so many ghost stories, watched movies or serials based on ghost. These all things make perfect combination for anyone to get scared in such places where there r darkness, lonliness, forest etc. In night if there is no light and you see something and got scared but has no courrage to and check as u r alone and u r already afraid of ghost.

when you are at home, if u r alone, you get scared, its the same home, where you live with other and is not scared but when alone, u r scared. And mostly u may have some stories also seeing ghost or feeling or hearing ghost when u were alone ?

In this way we hear so many such stories form a lot of people talks about ghost when they were alone etc.

Then When I shifted to Bangalore and then mumbai and various small cities in country. There I found in cities population is more, everywhere you will find crowd, lights etc. and you know what, ghost stories are less in such places.  I think in last many years, i forgot about ghost also unless someone talked to me about them.

Well by now u might understood what i am trying to tell that mostly its in our mind, coz we were told such stories, watched movies, serials etc about so we encounter or someone tell us such stories only.

I can tell you these coz I lived both life, village life and city life. In village life, i took rist of my life also to find ghost. yes u heard that right, i took risk of my own life. Once i went to a place during night which was told to be hunted. I thought i want to see ghost if it really exists ? before going there, i thought, if i will go to that place, if ghost come in front of me and i get scared and dies then nothing else i can do, but if i am alive then i will see, how they look. So when i thought of even d death also that if i die, means i took risk of my life too. So by risking my life, i could get the answer, nothing happend to me. As i was scared inside when i went to that place first time, but i was courageous enough to dare to go to that place inspite of my fear inside and i saw nothing, i repeated it, i went many time and every next time i was more courageous and more confident.

By saying so, i am not denying that there could be sprits (atma), may be there are, in fact we are surounded by sprits every moment, in home, outside, in temples everywhere, but its not as the stories we were told about ghost or what we saw in movies etc.

Now apart from the fear of ghost, we have many other fears too, in darkness, snakes, any wild animal, could be any drunk person or bad people may attack on u in darkness etc., so actually there r fear in darkness as we can not see things in darkness and when there r light, people then there r less fear or fear stories.

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