A well planned attack on Adani

Attack on India through Adani group

Advise to students from President Droupadi Murmu

भाजपा क्या सिर्फ हिन्दू मुस्लिम का झगड़ा कराती है ?

Assertion and Reason

Perhaps the elders may not be familiar with these terms i.e. “Assertion and Reason”. However the students and the teachers are very much familiar with it as its one of the type of question that is been asked in schools, board exams, competitive exams etc. As a teacher when I was studying this type of … Read more

Similarity between atoms & solar system

We all studied about Solar system in geography. Also, we studied about structure of atom in science. We came to know all material is made up of small particles known as atoms. We also came to know that even the smallest atom which is known as atom is made up of even smaller particles known … Read more

क़यामत क्या है

क़यामत क्या है ? क़यामत यानि, जिस दिन दुनिया का अंत होगा। इस्लाम धर्म के कुछ लोग यह मानते है कि “क़यामत के दिन उनका अल्लाह उनका साथ देगा, दूसरे धर्म वाले काफिर है और उनका भगवान उनको अकेले तड़पते छोड़ देंगे, इसलिए अल्लाह की राह पे चले। मैं उन सभी लोगो से पूछना चाहता … Read more

How to quit any addiction

How to quit any addiction ? Almost in every house there is someone, who is addicted to something. Addiction could be of anything: – (1) Women often get addicted to watching TV serials, if they miss an episode, they go crazy. (2) Women get habituated to wear jewelry, beauty ornaments etc. (3) Some people get … Read more

Mahsa Amini – a name in Iran Revolution 2022

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old old Iranian girl was killed by police of her own country, who were supposed to protect the innocent lives of the country. Her only crime was, she wanted to live life in her way. It’s 21st century, isn’t it? This is the time, when the entire world is connected through TV, … Read more