Evil’s World

How about If I tell u, “the world we live in today, is an evil’s world (पाताल लोक)”, Confused ? Let me explain :

Today everything is based on system, designed by western people- east India company.

With these system, everyone is struggling to live their life, except a few.

Anti Crist people, cheaters, smugglers, gangsters’ grow up fast and live a lavish life.

Whereas honest people struggle to survive and many even give up their life.

And at last but not the least, today nobody knows, “what is god, what is heaven”, Why ? Because its an evil’s world.
People are trying hard, “worship god” so that they can go to heaven, why ? Because they think, the place they live in, is not heaven. Logically we can say, they think the place they live in, is an evil’s place.