Mother’s Unconditional Love

Mother – is the most lovely word in the world for every person.

All of us love this word. We think of love, sacrifice, giver etc. when we think about this word.

A women is born to be a mother, I mean about her feelings (ममता), not about her abilities to deliver a baby.

Yes, you read that right, “Feelings“, I mean feelings to do good for other, whether its her own child or other’s child, her parents, siblings, spouse, friends, lover or even the pets.

Bigger her feelings-biggest is the mother inside, she has to be a mother for everyone. Someone who will be happy to see others happy, who can even give the last bite of her food to her kids, even to a pet.

Even a man can have a mother inside, who would love to see others happy.

Delivering a baby alone, can not make a women, a mother, for example: delivering a baby and leave the kid on the stairs of temple or delivering a baby with some expectations, can not make a woman, a mothers. She needs to has “feelings”, bigger the mother inside, biggest is the feelings. And definitely you are more responsible towards others. Others will expect for ur love, affection, guidance etc.

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