What is Love ?

Decades back on November2010 when I was going to Goa. On the way, I asked myself, ” What is Love ? “. It took me long time to get to the answer.

We all are born-inherited with love and it’s natural we get feeling for someone, whom we love more than even our own life. Our parent love us, we love them. we love our partner, we love our children.

Today in the time of technology, our society is getting sound, technically. Our education is designed in a way to make us proficient in technology. But we don’t know much about Love, so we search love in books, movies.

We like to read love stories, watch movies but don’t really know much about it eventually we just follow it like a tradition than feeling/living it our own.

But since you have landed here in search of knowing Love, I want to tell you, “Every journey is different, so create your own than following love stories or romantic movies. Make sure your love is “Unconditional”. Don’t keep any condition to love someone- parent, children, partner, friend, pet etc.