Who is God ?

Who is God ? Or let me ask you, “What is God ?” How many of you think, “you know God ?”

First of all let me tell you that there is a difference between :

(I) Being God, and

(II) “Being Someone” whom people will accept as their God”.

Confused ? Let me explain:

(I) Being God” means we think of someone or something that has created this universe, which none of the God we call did. Then who they are ?

(II) In my way, they are someone “whom people has accepted as their God”.

When I say this, I mean, they all born as human beings, but definitely they were above all the other people of their age (युग), or else they wouldn’t had have worshipped for ages.

To understand it even better, let us take a few example – (1) Lord Ram , sacrificed his kingdom to keep the words of his father. In today’s world, we see children take everything from their parents and hardly give anything back.

Sita left a lavish life as a queen and decided to live with her husband irrespective of where he live. In today’s world, women leave their husband if their financial situation shake for a while and go to parent’s house or marry someone else.

Lakshman left kingdom to help his brother Ram to live his toughest days of his life. In today’s world brother’s fight with each other for their parental properties.

All of them gave ideals for generations, how a son should be, how a wife should be, how a brother should be, so they are accepted as God. Often I see people worship their photos or statues but never try to follow how they lived.

(2) Another example, Jesus Christ gave the lesson to generation that only our body dies, our कर्म will remain forever. Evils hanged his body on the Cross to kill him. But they could not kill his कर्म. His कर्म is still alive, people love, respect and worship him for his कर्म .

(3) Other example is Lord Buddha who taught the world, Meditation and enlightenment.

(4) गुरुनानक जी taught the world, importance of गुरु in our life who bless us wisdom to live a better life.

(5) Sai Baba taught, you don’t need to be a king to help poor, even a beggar (फ़क़ीर) can help other. You only need to have a good heart.

Generally a beggar can’t think of anything more than filling his own stomach. Though he used to beg, but instead of filling his own stomach, he used to share the food with all the villagers. Means in spite of being a beggar, he was actually a King who had the courage to share food with everyone else.

(6) Mahaveer taught nakedness, not just of our body but also o f our soul, today world has masked their soul. He also taught to be sensitive to every being in the universe.

(7) Krishna gifted गीता ज्ञान to generations, also he is a symbol of love.

They all born with human body just like everyone else but they were above all the other people of their age, so they were accepted as their god by other people of the age (युग).

Similarly, in today’s commercial world, money is the biggest power. One who has money, can get anything. People have a never ending desire to earn money, till date very few (Sai Baba, Vivekananda , Ram Prasad are few of them) could really give back with all their heart. So the one who is above any desire to earn money and help poor with everything they have will be accepted as their God.

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