mahsa amini_how muslim should follow dress code

mahsa amini_how muslim should follow dress code

mahsa amini_how muslim should follow dress code

In this era of social media, people can learn everything sitting in their house, they can compare the lacks in their own traditions, can open to learn good things from others. People are getting to know the rules which were imposed on them in the name of beliefs and religion.

Perhaps no one would ever complain about it, if it was not compelled, but unfortunately that is not true.

In order to understand this, I won’t mind taking you to the early days – a few thousand years ago.

Well, there is lot of discussion happened about the women’s dress code across the globe and that is not just confined only to Muslim. I mean, in almost every religion there are some rules and regulations on women dressing, but in some religions there are many restrictions. I already wrote an article on “Dress Code for women” sometime back.

In my article I tried to explain, many angles about dress codes, surely you can read that too. But today, I am going to discuss dress codes in Muslim Community, how it evolved etc.

In genral, women’s dress code is linked with wearing decent or provocative cloths and mostly people stand with the first one. Because if women wear a provocative dress, then that seduces men, and he can do wrong things to her. And in order to be more protective to their women, Muslim community thought Burkha will be the best thing to protect them so that no men can ever see them.

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