mahsa amini iran protest

mahsa amini iran protest

mahsa amini_iran protest

There is no harm in following your beliefs, but I think at least people should know the truth and then decide and choose the kind of life they want to live.

Just imagine, how much your ancestors were intelligent, they found best possible ways to live in any situation even in a drastic place like deserts of Arabian countries.

And you been living a life of fool, I mean if you go to European countries, where the temperature is low, you can’t just stay in a Burkha, you got to wear warm cloths like Sweater or other winter cloths.

Similarly, if you stay in a place like Pakistan or India, where the temperature is extremely high (but no hot sands like Arabs), where wearing shorts are also difficult and you ask your women to wear a long and black burkha which will absorb the kind of heat which may really create health issues for them.

Don’t you think, if its ok to wear warn clothes in Cold places like Europe, why not lighter clothes for hotter regions?

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