Ramanujan a movie on Indian mathematician

Ramanujan an eye opener film on great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.
Srinivasa Ramanujan

It shows the failure of our teachers, parent, system, who fail to recognize talent, also the Superstation side of our people and become victim of them. Even a great mathematician became victim of it. The movie tells, how he found theorems way ahead of scientist could ever prove them like his mock theta. Pic : Wikipedia.

How to be happy always

how to be happy without friends

Everybody want to be happy, but very few really know, how to be happy always. In this regard, I need … More How to be happy always

How to stop addiction ?

how to stop addiction of social media

How to stop Addiction? It’s a tough question, isn’t it. Almost in every house there is someone, who is addicted … More How to stop addiction ?

What is Soul

what is soul

First of all, let me ask you, what do you see in the photograph ?Girl in water, perhaps that is … More What is Soul

स्वर्ग लोक कहां है

जन्नत कहां है

स्वर्ग लोक कहां है ?जन्नत कहां हैं ?Where is heaven ? या फिर – नर्क लोक कहां है ? हिन्दू … More स्वर्ग लोक कहां है

What is ideal partner

describe your ideal partner in life

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How to Control Blood Pressure

Almost in every house, someone has blood pressure or BP, mostly elders.
how to control blood pressure at home

There is an easy remedy for blood pressure , use Pink Rock Salt in your diet instead of using ordinary white salt to control blood pressure. Since the manufacturing companies don’t advertise on TV, neither people know about it nor its available in all the shops. So let us spread the word, gift our loved ones a blood pressure free life.

How to cure Snoring Problems

How to cure Snoring Problems ?
how to cure snoring problems

Snoring is one of most alarming disease with men in cities , which make city’s women’s sleep difficult. Use Haridra Khandam with honey for around 3 months, it can help you cure your snoring problems. You can find it online or in any ayurvedic medical store.

Sanatan Dharm – The Early Science

sanatan dharm the early science

In India, majority of people follow Hinduism or Sanatan Dharm , Western Countries mainly follow Christianity and Gulf Countries follow … More Sanatan Dharm – The Early Science

Life never settles

life never settles

In 2017 I told to my wife one of the “key secrets” of this generation, i.e. “life never settles “. … More Life never settles


মহালয়া – Mahalaya, Something I broad up listening to. Before Durga Pooja Start, All India Radio used to play it, my mom used to switch on our radio & we all used to listen to it. I liked the Frequency of narrator, the way he chants or tell the story is awesome.

इस्लाम और अंधविश्वास

इस्लाम और अंधविश्वास

अंधविश्वास,आज के युग का सबसे बड़ा अभिश्राप/राछस है। जैसे, हिन्दू धर्म में सती प्रथा जैसे अंधविश्वास था, जिसमें पत्नी को … More इस्लाम और अंधविश्वास