sanatan dharm

sanatan dharm

sanatan dharm

I am going to share an example which will prove our ancient people were highly scientific and they taught things way ahead of our modern scientist actually found them, but they never got the credit as western people could not understand their language. For instance I will give you an example :

You might had studied in Science about the “Universal law of Energy” which states :

“Energy can neither be created, Nor Destroyed, it only transform from one form to another“.

Do you know, this is shared way back in Sanatan Dharm i.e in Mahabharata (which many educated people think is mythological story) Lord Krishna told to Arjun :

वासांसि जीर्णानि यथा विहाय नवानि गृह्णाति नरोऽपराणि।

तथा शरीराणि विहाय जीर्णा- न्यन्यानि संयाति नवानि देही।।

जैसे मनुष्य एक वस्त्र त्यागकर,
दूसरा वस्त्र ग्रहण करता हैं;
वैसे ही,आत्मा न पैदा होती है न मरती ही,
यह सिर्फ एक शरीर छोड़कर,
दूसरा शरीर धारण करता है।

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