Similarity between atoms & solar system

We all studied about Solar system in geography.

Also, we studied about structure of atom in science.

We came to know all material is made up of small particles known as atoms.

solar system

We also came to know that even the smallest particle which is known as atom is made up of even smaller particles known as electrons, protons and neutrons.
The protons and neutrons stay in the center of particle called nucleus whereas the electrons revolve around the nucleus in various orbits.

If you compare both solar system and structure of atom, both has similar patterns –

In Solar system Sun is at the center and planets revolve around it in various orbits, similarly in an atom, electrons revolve around the nucleus in various orbits.

With this comparative study, I would like to draw your attention towards the similarity in patterns between the smallest particles to the giant solar system.

Through this comparative study, I would like to draw your attention towards knowing the smallest things than preferring to learn the bigger things.

When I wrote my article “What is Soul“, I wrote all living things are made up of non-living things i.e., DNA (De Oxy Ribo Nucleic Acid). And what is an acid made up of ? Chemicals, isn’t it ?
Since, everybody know chemicals are non-living thing. Then the next obvious question is, what are Chemicals made up of ? Small small particles.

So, when you dig deeper, you come to know you are made up of infinitely small particles which has similar patterns as huge solar system.

Imagine, how powerful you are ? Many at times I said, you are both creation and creator. Can you relate that now ?

I see, this generation has become more like robots, of their cultural and religious beliefs or the products of education they received from various institutions.

I would like to tell you, think about the infinity, we carry within ourselves, respect your existence, respect other’s existence, value life, experience the beauty it has to offer, until you exist in this body.


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