why poor are dying

why poor are dying

why poor are dying of hunger

Well, poverty is one of the worst sins of mankind, created by themselves. It is strange to know that, more than 90% of the money is in the hands of just 10% people & rest of the 10% money is in the hands of rest of the 90% people in the world.

Now, it is obvious that, there are lack of resources available to 90% of people to live even an average life (data proves, how poor are dying). Several millions of people, struggle to get food once in a day, consequently we see people fight among each other for their basic needs. Many at times it led to robbery, murder etc.

In every five years, we choose a minister, hoping that they will do something for them, which they promise to do before elections, but once they are into the system, you find them un-reachable surrounded by their guards, following their protocols i.e., sitting, eating, meeting with people of high profile but no longer, they share food on the same bench where they did before elections.

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